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militants bangladesh

Basic mistake by police for fighting against militants in Bangladesh

Militants have gone in hiding, after police started raiding them. Everyone is thinking like that, but I think they are planning to fight back soon. If you observe the trend of IS all over...
law & order bangaldesh

Law & Order in Bangladesh – uncertain dark future

Law & Order situation in Bangladesh is the darkest at present in its history. It looks like, none knows what is going to happen and none is prosecuted for all these murders in killings...
Police Human rights Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum Human rights’ knowledge

Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum knowledge of human rights. I wrote about another incident of hand cuffing a man without both legs. This gentleman was arrested due to suspicion, police even does not...
bangladesh police

Reform of the Bangladesh Police: A Reality or A Dream

As I was given a field study from my course teacher of the department, I was really happy to know that I have to study on Bangladesh Police. I had visited my hometown Pirojpur...

Police force, a puppet of MP and politician

Police, one of the most important forces of law enforcing agency in Bangladesh like all other countries. It has contributed a lot in maintaining and restoring peace in our beloved country Bangladesh. But...
Bangladeshi police are stupit

Is Bangladeshi Police fully Idiot or Mad?

If you look at the picture, it will tell everything at a glance. In a simple way, a disable person who does not have legs, does not have ability to buy wheel chair, handcuffed,...
bangladesh police corruption

Bangladesh Police is the most corrupt police in the world

If you ask anyone, who are mostly corrupted in Bangladesh? Which is the most corrupted institution in Bangladesh? Who are fully controlled by Governemnt in Bangladesh? Which institution is the most unethical institution in...
Child labor

Child labor : acute social disease

Dateline: It was 11:30 of 15th June, a bit late to start work. I informed it to my Boss that I will be late because of some unusual personal issue. I was waiting...
youth drug addiction

The Target Population of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh: The Youths

The socioeconomic condition of Bangladesh breeds to various problems since the inception as an independent nation. Poverty, unemployment, corruption are some root problems for which more problems emerge. Drug addiction among the youths is...
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