About Us

We are a group of authors who are general citizen of Bangladesh. We remain busy with our profession and livelihood for whole day; but we have some consciousness still remaining in our heart. There is no place to say about it. There are many publishers, newspapers, TV Channels- but they are businessmen; they will not publish our feelings, our observations, our sayings which is absolutely true.

We are growing in numbers and our voice will reach the concerns, so that they also try to feel the same as we do. So many wrong things happening around us. From political parties down to the local government, from religion down to education – nothing is in the right direction. We are a group of fellow used to write independently in different platforms, now trying to raise our voice to say the truth behind the scene at www.shotti-bolchi.com.

We are not here to hurt someone, rather to raise our voice against the wrong and bad things to bring peace in the environment. We don’t want our generation and future generation to be misguided and fall apart.

All are requested to accept our apology, if we unknowingly hurt anyone anywhere with our small effort.

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