Uncertainty in future Bangladeshi politics


Lots of uncertainty in Bangladeshi politics clouded over for last few years and its growing stronger day by day. There are few important points relating to these uncertainties; especially around future leaderships of major political parties and style of politics in the country. I am going to discuss few of them today.

So far future leaderships of the political parties are concern, we have already seen the changes in Jamat. This is not the Jamat what it used to be. They have taken a blow and stabilizing slowly. They are trying to cope with the sudden gap of the leaders caused due to trials in recent years. Definitely Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda are going to end their era soon or later. They don’t have anyone capable to take the role they are performing. Both of them are already trying to establish their sons as the leader; but even within the parties they are not welcome as leader. H M Ershad has tried to establish his ex-wife as the leader, but till he is alive he will not leave the role and will not stop interfering in the decision making for the party. As a whole, all the parties in a very uncertain and volatile situation so far their leaderships are concern.

If you have observed recent election in Narayangonj and reaction after the election, it will definitely force you think that the style of politics is changing in Bangladesh. Well, it is going to change not because they care about people of the country; rather they are tensed about their existence due to the pressure from other political parties. Awami league is very much concern, because they are not really elected by people and they want to continue in the power for long time. BNP knows very well that they did a big mistake by not participating in the last election. They are facing immense pressure within the party for being out of the power for a long period of time. Their root level members are very much angry on the leaders. There is no hope for JP in near future to rule the country. Only they can play a partial part and support other political parties forming government. But overall, style of politics in Bangladesh is changing.

Islamic militants have showed their power in Bangladesh with the help and linking international terrorist organisations. It is a major concern for people and how long government can fool people about this, is an important questions. They are trying to show off and trying to establish that they are doing lots of works to safe guard the country. But none knows where we are heading toward and what is coming. International politics is changing; everything is bending toward right wing from left. How long Bangladesh can remain away from it?

Joy and Tarek, both of them are not ready; rather they are not suitable. Bangladesh should come out of this family politics. Until real democracy is practiced within the political parties and let real leaders to take top role, Bangladeshi politics is not going to achieve anything.

But the most dangerous part is, when this uncertainty will hit hard; there will be lots of confusion and whole country will dive into darkness. Chaos will be part of daily life. Extremism is going to take center stage. Fundamentalists will take over the country. It will be easy for them to lead the politics, because Bangladeshi people are very easy to fool. They are stuck with their religious belief. These fools will be tools for extremists to establish base in that area of the world. And a dark uncertain time is coming to Bangladesh.