I am feeling so ashamed to write this today regarding what happened during the election day at Dhaka and Chittagong city in Bangladesh. I am really ashamed, because I am a citizen of this country. This election was held on 28th April. It was a total mess by both largest political parties in Bangladesh. It was looking like, they are competing each other to prove who is more shameless. However, both the parties were quite able to prove that to the general public of this country.

Everyone was very hopeful about this election, because everyone thought that may be through this election both the largest political parties and over all Bangladeshi political situation would be improved. But through the process it was proved that actual was otherwise. Both parties did lie, steal during elections before; but this time, I don’t know yet for what reason, could not hide their acts of election engineering and political bad intentions. All general public were used for their planned game of throne.

When I was watching the vote casting report around 11.30 AM that day in a TV channel, the reporter was trying to report the actual story; but he was stopped several times through his headphone while he was reporting live. At the end, the reporter even could not finish two sentences and were cut off. What a shame. Slowly and gradually, when I started to look for news in other TV channels, it looked like they are provided with a line and they are stating their report on that without facts. I started laughing seeing their immature acts which even they could not pulled off properly. Reporters on ground were collecting the facts and even were attacked by political followers, but there was something happening in TV channels’ office from where it was broadcasting. It was looking like someone is guiding everything as it was scripted.

All the news were broadcast during the day were fake, and watching those news it seemed like it is going to be the most fair election of the history of Bangladesh. Other candidates were trying to inform the media the true picture of the voting, but they were restricted. To keep the general public happy and to impress international agencies, the election process was kept normal for first 2 hours in most of the places. Then the horrible started to happen.

When I first heard about the rejection of the election by former Mayor of Chittagong, I was little bit shocked and asked myself why he did that so early in the day. I became really big time surprised, when he announced that he was going to retire even from politics from that time. I became speechless. Was it because of fake voting incidents or something else? Was he forced to announce that by his supporting party and he announced even his retirement due to sadness? If it was because of fake voting, then it is bad news; but if it were for forcing him to reject the election by his supporting political party, then it is worst news. Because, then it was planned earlier by the political party. On the other hand, in previous city corporation elections, government lost all the Mayor elections to provide a flavor of fairness, but this time they needed control on these cities; so if they planned to use all the powers they have to win this election which is worst news.

All the so called elected Mayors are going to be crowned on Monday. Other political parties are blaming only against government so far, but have not announced any strike or any active political events to protest against this election. This is a worst symptom. Nature remains very calm before a devastating storm starts. Only the civil society is taking actions against this game.

Government needed to win this shameless game of throne and now we can understand, opposition needed a big issue for further political actions before next national election which will be supported by international bodies and other countries after observing what happened during this election. Opposition knew that government would do this and they wanted to grab that chance. So, they will try to use this in a very near future and manipulate to gain public support this time. What opposition did before the election was announced, for that they did not have any public support, but government had. Now the scenario is just opposite.

Both parties played a game with general public. As now public is not king anymore, so kings are selected through shameless games by both the parties and these kings will start to use the kings’ power not to develop the cities; rather to develop their supported party to win in next national election. Why I am blaming both the parties? Because both have won their goals. Government needed the Mayors, opposition needed the big public supported issue. So, both are winner in the game. Then who is in the loosing side of this game? General citizens of this country have lost the game. Only Almighty knows what will happen to the fate of this poor country and poor people of this country. May Almighty saves all.

Note: picture collected from internet.