Religious groups are used like Mouth Wash in Bangladeshi Politics


It’s really, at least to me, when I was thinking about this issue. There are so many religious groups or parties, none has got any statistics on that in Bangladesh. But one issue is true that all of them are directly or indirectly involve with any of the major political parties in Bangladesh.

When I woke up in the morning, I use mouth wash after brushing my teeth and sometimes before going to sleep at night. So that I don’t face any problem in my teeth. The reason why I am telling you this is because our religious groups or parties are also used by major political parties like mouth wash so that they don’t face any problem to tackle religious minded people here in Bangladesh.

Major political parties like, Awami league, BNP, Jatio Party; all has got related religious groups to support them, though these religious groups are not active at all during other times of the year. When there is election, unrest, complaint raised by opposition; these weapons (religious groups) are used to tackle it. You may think that why I am not talking about Jamat-E-Islam, it is itself a political party (still operating in Bangladesh). The reason behind, they have their different groups to support them.

The success rate of using these mouth wash depends on their brand value and timing of using them. I personally have seen a leader of these so call religious groups who supports government or opposition parties that they are busy with their own business. one day, I was talking to him and all of a sudden I observed that he is wearing his hate (tupi) and going out of the meeting. I came to know that now he is needed by government to attend a meeting so that government can convey the massage to the opposition leaders that government does not work against religion (?). As he can not grow beard like the hat he produced, I think he would have tried to grow it much longer to showcase that he is really a big spiritual leader of that religion and rest of the time while doing own business could have been well shaved. Actually all these religious leaders keep their God in their pocket as hat, whenever they need it they use it to show people about their deep faith on God.

Now, when the need of these religious parties’ requirements are over by the major political parties, what happens? Hmm, that is a great point to think. They are given with the opportunity or fund to earn money through different projects so that they can run their livelihood and keep up their followers. These so called religious groups are actually part-time employee of major political parties; whenever they are needed, can be used and whenever purpose is served, are thrown away.

Jamat-E-Islami is a subject which is too big to discuss within this post, I will try to write on them later to show their real face.

I have a question. Have anyone of you drunk the mouth wash after using? except some mad, I expect most of you will say NO. Because it is not for drinking. Like this, small religious groups are only used by major political parties in Bangladesh and after using for the purpose, they spit out to rot where they really belong. As a result all Gods go back inside the pocket when their needs are finished.