Religious Festivals and intention of political parties in Bangladesh


Before 30 Years, people of Bangladesh used to attend all the religious festivals of all the religions. None asked or thought about what the festival about or which religion is related with this festival. To day is Easter Sunday. Now a days, we come to know on this through News papers. I am not sure about what is happening in social media yet, because I have not got the opportunity to check the facebook till now.

However, my intention of this writing is not explaining about the discussion on social or print media. I just wanted to inform you regarding the difference took place within our socialization in 30 years.

Whenever, there is any religious festival, Government representatives arranges reception for the leader of that religion in different high profile community centers or Prime ministers’ office/ house. Other political parties also arrange the same; may be in low profile clubs or places. All these programmes are very much highlighted and covered by media, specially electronic media. Good, good, very good; we our government and other political parties are so caring about the religious harmony within our society.

If you look into these events more carefully, you will find with the religious leaders during these sort of events, mid-level political leaders who want to meet party chief, are seen in the reception lines. Next group seen is the businessmen who want to show their presence to their so called loyal leaders during these events. Government officials of different levels are seen in these events. There are many other groups observed during religious events organised by different political parties.

Now, if you try to calculate the parentage of the actual religious representatives for whom these events are organised, will not be more than 10%; it’s not the picture for the political party who is in power, rather for all political parties. There are some political parties which does not have members more than 100, during these sort of events they hire people to attend their programmes. If anyone want to tell me that I am giving wrong information, please let them do. Because, I am telling the hard truth. Yes, if you ask general people of this country who are educated, they will support me.

From EID, Puja, Christmas and other religious events are the platform for political parties to show down and telling the lie about their suffering created by other political rivals. None has observed any occasion like this where political leaders have not said that they are politically harassed by rival political parties. This is the time when political leaders sell their Gods. Everyone knows that their only God is money and power. Why? This is not a political meeting; this is just a occasion to celebrate! Our political leaders actually use the religions for their political benefits.

Now, what about other people who need to celebrate during the day, except 10% who are celebrating with the political leaders’ events. They are actually celebrating like the way they used to before 30 years. Our general people are always the same, they believe in religious harmony. They never hate each other for religious purpose; except some terrorist groups who are trying to pollute the environment. Now these terrorist are increasing number of militants through so called motivation for after life heaven. Brothers & sisters, this is 21st century; believe me there is nothing called heaven and hell. This life will be like heaven and hell depending the way you make it. Don’t let these politicians and terrorists to make this life a hell.

Those who you think on the subjects behind the scene, I will suggest to think about the conspiracies take place behind these events and these political parties are making fool out of general people keeping the religious events at the front.