New Election Commission – first step of election engineering in Bangladesh


Election commission in Bangladesh is and was always slave of the government. Other political parties have always raised their voice against it, but when the opposition goes to power as a ruling party; they do the same. They also select people as officials of election commission who will listen to the government. This has never change in Bangladesh. Government has always used election commission to establish and execute their plan and to make it official.

Opposition of BNP has soften in recent years. They have also shifted from their stand of political demand specially around election process. All of a sudden everyone started to talk about changing the election commission and surprisingly, government did not show any opposition for it. It looks like all the political parties have agreed to complete the change process as soon as possible.

Bangladeshi president has always been a puppet of the government. President is a spineless person. He is more like a showpiece than effective president. However, he arranged meetings with different political parties for a show off. He selected a committee to search for the potential election commissioners. The were lots of hush hush about the search process.

But this time, BNP has been defeated again by AL politically. AL has achieved their goal to appoint their desired persons as election commissioners, but instead putting their names forward; they have asked small allied parties to put forward those names. Eventually AL has achieved their goals for next election engineering. Well, apparently they will not set up local elections rather their main target is to engineer next national election.

Everyone knows about this election engineering and what government is going for. Matter of shame, none has guts to stand firmly against it. Other political parties will try to say and criticize this; but eventually everyone will forget and AL will establish this puppet election commission to conduct next national election. It is obvious that none in Bangladesh has has any right to vote and elect.