Killing innocent Rohinga people in the name of religions in south Asia


Thousands of innocent Rohinga people are killed every year in the name of religions in Asia. This is not the first time happening in 2017. These are happening for centuries. This year the most significant killings are happening in Myanmar. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed and fled the country recently due to their governments ethnic cleansing. This is not the first for this kind from Myanmar. The Rohingas don’t have any choice but to flee to neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh. People are killed by military, villages are burnt, children are killed in the sea while fleeing. What type of people this government is? They are killing these people in the name of religion.

Religious leaders of Myanmar also spreading propaganda against Rohingas. They are said to be terrorist. Well it looks otherwise to me. Terrorists are not of any group, religion or country. They are terrorists. We have to stand against them, not to kill innocent people because of their view and faith. What is happening in Myanmar, is not steps against terrorism. Rather it’s a war against humanity. These Rohingas have fled the country many times before.

Same happened in Bangladesh. Religious minority are always killed for their belief and faith. We have seen, Hindus are killed, Christians killed, Atheists are murdered. Specially Hindus are forced to flee Bangladesh to India, just because they are not Muslim. Same thing happened in India many times. There were riots and fight between Hindus and Muslims based just only their religion. Millions of people died because of these fights.

We have forgot that we are fighting against each other, in the name of so called faith and religion. We are killing innocent human beings. Human is fighting humans. Worst part is, innocent children are caught up in this mess. They have right to live with freedom. They are also human being. They have not done any harm to anyone and they have even no idea what is happening. Why people are killing and creating environment which is not suitable for future generations.

If these Rohingas were not Muslims, Bangladesh would not be so easy with them. What if they were from other religion, do you think Bangladesh government would have done the same as they are doing now? NO. Same to India and other countries in this region. They are all caught up with religion. People does not control their politics or government. Still religions are in control. People are fundamentalists and radicalized in this area. I don’t see any change in this region in next few centuries, unless they are changed in their mindset.

I am sure, Bangladeshi government is going to play a political game out of this Rohinga issue. Which already started. They have already started blaming each other. Can you think about Hefajat – e – Islam and nightmare they created by taking their stand against freedom of speech and secular views? They are leading to help Rohingas, because they are from the same religion. Please Be aware of the hidden plans already planned by these radicalized religious political groups.

I am also sure, these innocent people will be used to take part in terrorist activities. Because they have lost everything and will be desperate to do anything to earn money. They will be the new recruits for all local and international terrorist organisations. They are loving it. They will be used as human bomber in that regions. I suspect we will see very soon, I reckon from next year number of terrorist activities rising in Asia.

My request to everyone to raise their voice against this inhuman act by Myanmar government and stop killing innocent children in the name of religion. If possible, take actions against real terrorists.