Freedom of speech is not free in Brangladesh


Freedom of speech is dead in Bangladesh. This is not something new in Bangladesh. It has been the case for years. But it is taking more extreme position and spreading all over the country. Journalists, bloggers and politicians were victims of censorship of speech; but justice system is also under fire after ex-chief justice gave his judgement on 16th amendment of constitution.

This mad government has brought the constitution under knife several times and made it as they wished to benefit this government to remain in power. People all over the country were against it, but as a country and its political situation, general public cannot do anything against government. Before few months, chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has given his judgement against 16th amendment of the constitution which led him to flee the country and take refuge in Canada. He could not even come to the country to submit his resignation to the president. He handed over his resignation to the embassy in Singapore.

What it tells about the situation in Bangladesh? We have already seen the torture and death of online bloggers and journalists in the country for expression of own opinion on politics and religion. Now when a chief justice of the country is not safe within the country just for doing his job which is giving judgement on a case, it tells everything about the freedom of speech in the country.

When we saw several criticism about the judgement and comment by the dictator Sheikh Hasina in media, we could understand what is going to happen to this justice, in fact, I was scared this government may kidnap justice to change his judgement. But when I saw PM and Mr. Sinha is smiling in an event, I realized some sort of arrangement has been negotiated. Outcome is, chief justice has to change his judgement or resign. Now so far I know about this justice, he is not going to change his judgement and after he resigns as chief justice, he will not have security protocol; which will put him in danger. He has done the safest thing for him and for his family to silently leave and flee the country. I hope, some country will allow him to take refuge.

Very simply, if you are against them, you don’t belong to this country. Sheikh Hasina’s father did the same. He tried to establish one party politics to secure his future in the country. His daughter another mad woman is doing the same. You cannot simply express your opinion, speech or publish anything against her government. This is madness. But if you do, you simply will be murdered, kidnapped and so on.

I have not seen anyone to speak and protest this action by the government. NONE. BNP is struggling to save their own political leader from harassment and there is no opposition political party in parliament who is going to stand against these madness. Now, government is burning houses of other religious groups to divert attention. This is something what AL always does whenever they want to divert everyone’s attention.

I feel sorry and ashamed and scared to be a citizen of this country. I don’t know when there will be a change in this country when people will be able to express their own view and opinion freely. I don’t see any change under these leaders. I was expecting a change when these leaders retire and next generation leaders take over; but ALAS! I don’t see anyone like that yet. Tareq Rahman and Joy both are same. They are after their personal gain. There has to be someone new to take over.