Election Commission has failed to establish their role in Bangladesh


Today Election Commission of Bangladesh has finished the election of Union Parishad. This election is conducted in six steps all over the country. Already this election of Union Parishad is identified as the most destructive election in the history of Bangladesh. Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been injured during this election. And that is not all, there was flood of fake voting, corruption. Most significant information is, 220 chairman have been elected without any vote and all of them are Awami Leauge supporters.

On the other hand, BNP has failed to stand politically and surprisingly they could not even nominate for 554 Union Parishad Chairman position. It shows that BNP is loosing its popularity in root level. During this election and in previous elections, it was told that a person needs to win the AL nomination, not the public votes; because with only AL nomination a candidate can win the election. It shows the corruption level in our election process. Election commission, as usual, did play a role of admin staff. They simply conducted the election, but had no role to implement free and fair election for all. They have simply failed.

This is not the first time when Bangladeshi Election Commission has failed to conduct free and fair election in Bangladesh. Since the establishment of this organisation, they have been always under influence and direct monitoring of the government, whoever it was. They themselves were not free, then how they can ensure and conduct a free and fair election.

In every election in Bangladeshi history, people are murdered during the election days. I think, people’s life in Bangladesh is the least valuable in the world. None cares. Governments put all their powers, including the administrative agencies, to win the election. But now a days, governments have become shameless. They don’t even bother to steal the ballot boxes publicly. Government supporters have become more shameless than ever to use fake votes publicly. There is no point to discuss the role of law enforcement agencies during elections in Bangladesh, because they don’t have any intention to go against government.

As a child, I experienced in front of my eyes, how people shamelessly cast fake votes during Hussain Muhammad Ershad’s regime. Ershad’s supporters brought ballots and boxes out of the polling centers and cast fake votes in front of me. I could not understand that time, but now I realize that how destructive these fake votes are for a country.

Election commission in Bangladesh is the most weak organisation of Bangladesh. They simply know how to please governments. They have failed to establish a fair and free election process in Bangladesh. They are supposed to perform main role in establishing active democracy in Bangladesh. But not only the opposition political parties, even general public do not have faith on them. Bangladesh must modify the total election process to make real difference in election process and procedures in future.