Chief Justice is not even safe in Bangladesh


Chief Justice of Bangladesh is not even safe in the country. There have been so many situations and incidents when many journalists, bloggers, political leaders have fled the country because of lack of safety within the country. Now present Chief Justice had fled the country due to his judgement on amendment of constitution. IT shows fear of torture has even reached at the top level citizen of the country. None is safe. You don’t have freedom of what you are supposed to do or say. You are like a slave in this country.

I have already written an article on this amendment of the constitution. But when the remark and full judgement were released by the chief justice, this dictator Sheik Hasina government has gone mad like a barking dog. She was trying to find the right opportunity to bite the chief justice and show off her power over justice system. Until now, it was all known but was kept under the carpet. But this time it was made public to show that none can get the right justice in the country. If it goes against the government, you will be harassed and tortured in different forms.

For a chief justice of a country, sacking him or forcing him to flee out of the country, is nothing less than murdering him for telling the truth. He was doing nothing apart from what he was supposed to do. If a Chief justice had to leave the country for giving a judgement which criticized political party and it’s role in history, then who is safe in this damn country. You are jailed without a bail. You don’t understand you are in a jail sentence and also paying for it in a form of Tax.

The time different ministers and advisers started meeting with Chief justice last month, I could feel that something wrong is going on. When I saw Chief Justice and PM smiling in an event’s photograph, I could realize that Bangladeshi political leaders are not that innocent to accept that. That was the calm before the storm. Sheikh Hasina got a huge smoke cover when Rohingya issue hit Bangladesh. She found the correct timing to execute her evil plan against Chief Justice.

The new Chief Justice, looking at his comments and visiting President, it clearly shows that he is nothing but a pet of bitch Sheikh Hasina. He is a slave of this government. He is going to clean the toes of this government with his tongue. He is going to be another feather in the slavery of this dictator Awami League government.

I am also observing how this bitch is trying to keep opposition political parties out of the election. I am going to write about this very soon. But for now, Attorney General’s comment about Chief Justice Sinha is outrageous. It looks like they are deciding about the fate of justice. If you are not following their command, you are their enemy – it is what it is. What a shame for a country.

This is the most black era for the justice system of this country. I don’t think Chief Justice Sinha is going to return, but if he even tries government will block it with all it’s power. My belief is, he was rather advised to leave the country to avoid any unpleasant situation. Now my question, if he is bold enough to stand against this government and did not leave the country, what could happen to him. I leave that to your imagination, specially if you are living in Bangladesh, you must know the outcomes if you are against this bitch PM. But how long this should continue. Why everyone has accepted this ? It must end.