Bangladesh Supreme Court rejected 16th amendment today


Supreme Court judges have rejected the appeal against the judgement given by High court today. There are so many comments and news on this today. There will be lots of discussion on this in coming days. I want to present my view in different point and from different angle.

First of all, why MPs tried to impose this amendment. MPs was planning to take over the power legally to impeach judges so that they can establish their ruling over all the judges. Already justice system in Bangladesh is politicised, then why did they need to do this? Well, whatever they used to do was illegal in pen and paper. They wanted to control the judges legally. So that  they are bound to listen and follow their orders. There are also very few judges who were not under their control, so they wanted all the judges to work as slave to all the politicians.

I am not only going to accuse Awami League on this issue, it includes BNP and all other political parties. All are thieves. None of the political party actually were against that. There was no activity from any opposition political parties against this. Only few senior lawyers presented their position to the supreme court.

Now, is this the start of Happy Days? NO. Why supreme court judges rejected this appeal by the government. Well, our judges are also corrupted. They also don’t want to be shackled by the MPs. They did reject this appeal not for the justice system, not for the people of the country. Rather, they have done it for their own benefit. They want to keep their power within themselves.

Well, by product is good for the country. But is it going to end the corruption within the administration and justice system in the country. NO, absolutely not. At least, government will think twice to take any further actions like this. But I am not sure, whether this is going to end well or not. Because, Sheikh Hasina is a dictator. She will make it happen one way or another. But the main question is how, when and for what cost. Let’s see!