Bangladesh, Religion and terrorists – which to win?


People of Bangladesh is fully influenced by their religion and groups of people have become terrorists. Comparing the total number of terrorist groups and number of terrorists in Bangladesh, will numerically look less; but scale of terrorism happening due these groups are very large. You cannot compare or express the negative force in a country by numbers. Most shocking fact is, these extremist groups are not identified properly by government and by law enforcement agencies. As a result, continuous murders are taking place and country is going toward dark age.

General people of Bangladesh remain busy with their livelihood, but when it comes about their religion, they are ready to sacrifice everything. It not only for muslims, rather all the religion. Now, this sorts of passion of sacrifice are not seen for the country anymore, which was seen before the independence of the country. People have been diverted far away from that view.

Political parties are even worst in this issue. They are 100% busy with their own political and personal gain. All the political party leaders are millionaires. None is poor; whereas general public are struggling with money to eat. This gap is well utilized by the extremist fundamentalist groups to manipulate people to join and support them. I have already mentioned in my previous articles that terrorist organisations have upper hand while recruiting people in Bangladesh. Because all of them are blind about their religion. Therefore, terrorist organisations do not need to brain wash them much. Most shockingly, parents of new recruits are also motivated to support that.

The way past few years extremists are continuing their massacre in Bangladesh, a dark time is coming very soon for Bangladesh. It is clearly visible that Bangladesh government is not taking hard steps to arrest and prosecute these attackers; rather PM is supporting them by speaking publicly against people who criticize Islam and government. And as usual, other ministers do follow their leader.

Recent killings of different people in different areas in the country has raised the concern on freedom of human rights. Actually this is nothing but the continuation of attacks took place for last years. Now priests, journalists, bloggers, teachers – none is safe. Shockingly, police is saying to ensure safety by people themselves. Now my question is, what is the duty of police and government then? If people do not have the guarantee for safety, then why this government is not handing over the ruling power to others?

This is the most critical and dangerous situation Bangladesh ever had to go through. People are not safe from the dangerous hands of terrorists, government is not capable to provide safety to people. Extremists are killing people regularly all over the country. People does not have the right to speak against government. What is going on? Why government is denying presence of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Bangladesh where they are claiming responsibility for most of the murders?

It looks like terrorist are on the way to win. Government has failed us, only general public need to step up to stop all these massacre happening. I don’t see any other way. People need to think clearly and forget about the religion. They need to put the country above their religious faiths. What you will do with a faith, if you don’t remain alive?