Illegal Shameless Awami government must stand down


Awami league government in Bangladesh is illegal and shamless and they must stand down by handing over the power to rule to public. They have tried to legalize their ruling, but none must forget what they said just before the last general election. They are supposed to announce another general election just after that which they haven’t yet. Most of the MPs were elected even without vote.

For last few years they have failed to ensure the minimum fundamental rights of citizens in the country. Safety and security is at the edge. They could not control the radicalized groups within the country and as a result those groups have gone international and playing havoc within the country. They have made the administration and law enforcement agencies slave of the government.

There were lots of examples where they supported the disappearance of lots of political leaders let alone general public of the country. Now they are playing terrorist game within the country. All the terrorist camps raided within last year, have failed to capture anyone alive. It is believed that this government is targeting political members as terrorists and killing them.

This government has failed to try journalist murder cases. Simple and most important human rights are abolished during this government ruling. Media and journalists are scared of publishing news criticizing government. Bloggers are the main target of this government. Radicalized islamic terrorists have killed lots of bloggers and online activists in recent years and government has morally supported that. Hefajot Islam is the most notorious islamic party, to who this government has failed to stand up. Rather this government has followed letter by letter as Hefajot Islam demanded. As a result, they turned the national education curriculum a jock by introducing religious intended materials.

International communities, specially human rights groups have always criticized the government for their role and failure ensuring trial of Jamat. I am not a Jamat E Islam supporter. But my point is, trial must be fair to convict anyone. This government is killing people in the name of trial. They are trying to achieve their political agenda by using national instruments.

This government has already made the justice system a slave of them. In Bangladeshi justice system, you can buy and sell judgement and all the public will agree with me. This government does not have any intention to rectify that rather they are using it in their favor. The number of cases back logged have increased to the highest in the history and now none is bothered checking it.

Economy of the country was already crippled and this government has made it worst. This prime minister’s dictatorship has made this country sovereignty-less. This government has sold the country to other countries in the name of friendship, but got nothing in return. People of this country is waiting years for their right of river water, but this government is still agreeing with what other countries are saying illegally.

I feel ashamed to call this Awami League as the government of this country. I feel sad and upset when I see general public have nothing to say about this and they have already taken everything as part of their life. Political parties are corrupted and playing only their political games to reach their personal gains. They have never thought for the betterment of the citizen of the country. It seems like we were beggar when Sheikh Hasina’s father was president of the country and we are still beggar while she is ruling the country. It’s time to say good bye to Sheikh Hasina.