One of my friends asked me where do you get all these Articles subject from? Because he thinks I do lots of research before writing an article. I replied, I just switch on my computer and subject blinks into my brain, that’s it.

Jokes apart, I will try to discuss somthing on the difference between a politician and a demon in lame terms today. At the begining I will try to define regarding a politician and a demon. Lets see what we get out of it.

A politician is a figure who is active in politics, seeks to gain power or advancement and more concerned about winning favor than about maintaining principles.

A demon is a supernatural being with evil passion or influence, wicked and cruel person with great energy and power.

Why don’t you just read the above two lines and think for a minute to find the difference between a politician and a devil, though I will try my best to help you out on that in my following writing and guide you through a conclusion which even I don’t know where it will end up.

If you are done with above reading second time and thinking about it, then I will request you not to be judgmental about these two characters so early. Rather, lets try to find out the important words which are of great importance. Figure/person, passionate about gaining power, never satisfied with what they have now, motivating or influencial power etc. are the main key words so far I could find out.

Before 44 years, one picture was very popular during our liberation war which I will post with this article, where that leader was drawn into a demon-like by a painter. From where that painter got this idea? or it is quite natural that politicians are the demons. Can you say that in public what I just say in my previous line? You can not, because you are scared that you will be harrassed or will be a fallen star of the sky very soon.

Actually I am trying very hard to find out some points which make our politicians different from demons. Well, our politicians is a public figure who is passionate about gaining power and never satisfied with what they have now. They have motivating or influencial power which forces our public to vote and elect again and again to face the same sufferrings. So, the main difference I could find that politicians are elected, but the demons are not. Except that there is virtually no difference between a politician and a demon. Do you differ from my opinion? Please let me know.