2018 is going to be a political and social nightmare for Bangladesh


2018 is going to be political and social nightmare for Bangladesh. There are many reasons for saying that. This year national election is going to take place where religious parties is going to have way more influences than previous history, Rohingya issue, spread of ISIS and local Islamic radicals stronghold etc.

Violence is a part of election year and BNP is hungry to go to the power, because if they don’t their existence will be in question after this. Jamat-E-Islam will also have the same problem. BNP has not yet declared any separation with them, but If BNP wins this general election, I presume Jamat is going to be part of it and we already know the rise of radicalization is a must. Having said that, Awami League also wants to keep BNP away from the power. Because if AL wins this time, AL will be super political power; does not matter how they have got there. Therefore, AL only aim is to win this year’s election.

For last few years, political parties hae used religious parties irrespective their sizes to use the emotion of general public. Same time religious parties knew that big parties will need them and they have taken the opportunities accorgingly. They have openly threatened bloggers, writers, journalists and teachers and murdered them. This year they are going to be careless, because they know goernment or oppositions are not going to go against them.

International terrorist organisations have already lost grounds internationally and they are trying to strengthen their position in Bangladesh and they know that political parties and general public are going to be very busy with general election this year and this is the best time for them to spread and get stronger. We have already seen the scale of their presence. They are much stronger with more recruits and their resources are stronger. They are equiped with highly sophisticated explosives and they are not present in one place; rather they are everywhere in the country. This is the year, ABT and Horkatul Jihad and Hefajot – all of them will try to show their muscle power and their connection with local and international terrorist organisations. They will try to establish their supremecy. Because this is going to establish who is going to rule in future.

If this government can not solve the Rohingya problem before the general election, ralicalization will spread among them. They will be used as weapon of terrorists, as their wives and daughters are used for forced prosttitution. They will not be motivated for their faith, rather for financial needs. They need money and food to survive in a different country and different place. A long-term permanent solution needed for them. But I think, this AL government is going to prolong it to gain political gain and sympathy from general public. This government is going to use their religion as a sheild.

Over all, this is still early stage of the year; but it is obvious this is going to be political and social nighmare for the country. People are going to be fooled again and going to be the bate of this political power game. But if fact, either way, Bangladesh is going to loose as both parties again going to use religion and religious parties to emotionaly blackmail the general public of Bangaldesh. Wake up people, forget about your God and religion. You are loosing and going to loose again. At the end, you will loose your home and country.