15th August: Sheikh Mujib, Hasina and Awami League


Since Awami League came into power as ruling party after ’90, they have tried to establish 15th August as national mourning day as Sheikh Mujib died on this day. Awami League tried to capitalize on this issue for last 15 years. Well, they have never try to find out what general public of Bangladesh think on this. They never said the truth behind the event took place regarding the death of Sheikh Mujib and general public were informed about this event what Awami League wanted people to know. They have politicized the truth. They have taken legal actions against the people who were involved in this event, but never talked about why a group of people were forced to take such an action against the then president. Today I will discuss on the situation and the actual truth behind this.

After the ’71 war, Sheikh Mujib was considered as hero despite the conspiracy played by him behind the screen. He made himself the dictator at that time. In the name of new born country, he snatched right of actual freedom from citizen of Bangladesh by not allowing others to practice politics. His determination was to establish his political party as the only political party in the country. As a result, none had the courage to say anything against him or his political party. Awami League became the only platform to remain alive and corruption reached its pick day by day. Sheikh Mujib run the administration of the country with a stick without thinking about the needs of the people. He became over confident about the loyalty of the people and thought due his dictator character general public will not be able to raise their voice against him or his political party. To make his rule permenant, he introduced militia like, ‘Rokhkhi Bahini’. This militia, having the support of Sheikh Mujib, became blind of pride and power. They started murdering and torturing people in day light. It is said that Rokhkhi Bahini used to murder people and used to hang the corps in the tree to be seen by others so that no body would dare to raise their voice against ruling party. This militia was simply used for creating fear in general public’s mind and was also used for murdering who even thought to raise their voice against Awami League.

I have heard from from one of my known person who was very close to the Mujib family after indepence of Bangladesh that Sheikh Kamad led bank robbery by himself and injured himself by a bullet while fleeing away after robbery. When the then home minister complaint about this incident to Sheikh Mujib, he was suggested to ask that to Sheikh Kamal by himself by Sheikh Mujib. When home minister asked Sheikh Kamal about this incident, then Kamal replied that he will shoot the minister with his weapon if he does not leave quickly. This was not the only cases, rather there were hundreds of incidents like this where Mujib family was directly and indirectly involved in illegal incidents. Seeing the dictatorship character of Mujib, his family members became blind and started to do all sorts of nuisance in the country.

Everyone blames that Major Dalim was the main person to kill Sheikh Mujib. But none discusses that why Major Dalim would do that. One day in dinner party, Sheikh Kamal was drunk and started to use bad words for Major Dalim’s wife. And after some time, he held her dress (sharee) and cleaned his dirty hand with the dress in front of everyone present. Major Dalim complained about this to Sheikh Mujib, but did not get any response. This act by Sheikh Kamal and no response from his father was not taken normally by Major Dalim and his collegues. My question, if you were in his position could you accept it normally?

After the war, huge amount of foriegn aids came to Bangladesh for poor people and for rebuilding the country. Due to the mismanagement by Mujib and corrupted mind of Awami League, most of the aids did not reach the poor people; rather political leaders, family members of Mujib stole most of it. We know already about the main aim of Sheikh Mujib, he wanted a country to lead and through conspiracy before the war, he got that. So after indepence of Bangladesh, he and his family started to gain what they really wanted.

All these actions by Mujib and his family were the main reason for his death on 15th August. It was not a political murder, rather it was a result of family problems. Now Awami League puts political colour on it and annouce the death of a conspirator to the national mourning day of Bangladesh. What a shame!

Sheikh Hasina is the correct production of Sheikh Mujib. She was very rude and girl of bad character from her childhood. I heard from many persons who expreienced the same even she was studying in high school. She has conspired against her own sister and kept her out of all the political power of Awami League and this character actually she got from her own father. Conspiracy is nothing new to her. Now Sheikh Hasina is doing the same to establish a single political party politics in Bangladesh. She is publicizing that Bangladesh is in very good shape so far democracy is concerned. But at actual, all these are hypocrisy. She is just following what her father did after the indepence of Bangladesh. What ever happens, she put forward her family murder incident in front of public and cries. She is such an idiot, she does not know that most of the people understand her fake tears.

Awami Leagues General Secretery just said yesterday in a public meeting that Awami League was responsible for the death of Sheikh Mujib. I am acutally happy that he said that. Because it is true. The acts and corruption committed by Sheikh mujib actually push him for his end. Sheikh Hasina is following his father’s footstep and when she will reach the pick, she will also end.