Judicial system in Bangladesh is acting like child of Government


Child learns from home and parents are the main source of guidance for children. If child does anything which parent does not like, they guide the child to change that thing. If they don’t listen frequently, sometimes parents punish them in many ways so that they follow the way parents are saying. Our judicial system in Bangladesh is like the child of the government. They are guided by the government and if anyone does not follow what is told by the government, are punished in many ways. The main difference between family and government monitoring is that family do this for the betterment of the children; but government does for their own benefit to manupulate the judicial system as per their wish.

You cannot expect better than this where Chief justice of the country is appointed by the government and is a puppet on a string. All the parts of judicial system in Bangladesh is fully corrupted and politicized. As a result, judges take bribe to change the decision of a case and alarmingly, there are some lawyers who are politically involved will win decision on their favour in courts whenever they take a case. This shows how nakedly our judicial system is politicized. It is expected that judges should not publicize their political views. But unfortunately, each and every judge in supreme, higher and lower courts can be identified with their political views; whether they are follower of AL or BNP or Jamat or JP etc.

Opposition parties are always the one who suffers from the politicization of judicial system. AL government has mostly withdrawn all the cases filed against their members for last five years claiming that these cases were filed with political intention. On the other hand nothing significant happened for opposition party members. This AL government is breaking its own record of corruption in judicial system. A good example of how government control the judicial system is the arrest warrant issue incident against BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia which never reached the police station. That is the most funniest political game played in recent history. There is a epic incident of political control of judicial system is the Monjur Murder case of Hussein Mohammad Ershad, JP Chairperson. He is also politically controlled by government with the cases filed against him.

For last six years, AL government has oppressed opposition by manupulating judicial system. Biggest manupulation was when they changed the constitution. Next one was the so called “International Crime Tribunal” which is even unaccepted by international community. Sheikh Hasina giuded the judicial system with the help of other government agencies to take legal action to harrase BNP, Jamat activists. I believe opposition leaders and members even don’t know how many cases are filed against them by the government, because AL government has filed uncountable cases against opposition. Even today, BNP vice chairman Selima Rahman and other 13 leaders are issued with arrest warrant of a incident which even they don’t know about. Sheikh hasina has loyal members in police who do whatever she wants. The most funny thing is, among these 14 persons who are issued with arrest warrant by the court, some are already in jail. This judicial system is so corrupted that they did not dig inside before issuing warrant just to follow the instruction by the government.

For couple of years, this government has not speared social human rights activists and bloggers from harrassing them with judicial system. I have already written many times on how this government used judicial system to make intentional arrest to stop someone to raise their voice against government. Now human rights activists, bloggers, journalists, social activists are not safe in Bangaldesh. The number of arrest of the member of this group has increased suddenly.

This stupid lady Sheikh Hasina has understood from her wrong doings that she will not win next election in any way and as a result, she is doing this mad things out of her fear of loosing next election. They want to stop all the voices against them. Until this AL government is not changed, judicial system in Bangladesh can not be released from the shackle of politicization.