The Target Population of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh: The Youths


The socioeconomic condition of Bangladesh breeds to various problems since the inception as an independent nation. Poverty, unemployment, corruption are some root problems for which more problems emerge. Drug addiction among the youths is one of them. It has become one of the most serious problems which has its roots in the society. Young generation is the main victim of drug addiction. Drug addiction has effects also on the society. The causes are numerous in number. Frustration is most probably the deepest cause of all. Frustration can occur due to unemployment, failure in love relationships, poverty, etc. There can be more reasons behind the scene of drug addiction.

As Bangladesh is situated in a strategically important area in south asia, the international drug   smugglers are using this route as a safe transit to bring drug in this region. Moreover, Bangladesh is surrounded with the golden triangle, which also gives the international criminals to use our land for their drug business.

One of the most important causes of drug addiction among the youth is drug can be found very easily in our country. Easy accessibility has made it possible for the young people to try it once and then get addicted. They become acquaintance with drugs by friends, classmates, relatives who are very close to them. In that case, I have to mention that I have noticed that many of my friends of university become drug addicted because some student politicians accompany them. Those politicians have no intention to study but to spread their drug business in the university in disguise of student politics.

Our growing middles class and high-class society is very much vulnerable to social violence. Most of the families are suffering with different problems in city life. The number of broken families is also increasing day by day. The children of the broken families also create problems in their surroundings treating their neighboring people. The broken family children do not have the companion of their parents. They are deprived of the parental guidance. In this situation, they are easily convinced by the evil motives of the people. Besides, they are accustomed to drug for the purpose of forgetting their family frustration.

Due to the development process of human society, the social values are given up by the families. Those social values are very essential for advancing the society peacefully. The removal of those social values from society breeds to violence and crimes.  Furthermore, our children of the broken families have to face the challenges of life alone. They are devoid of the parental love and affection, which is considered to be the most important element for the upbringing of the children. Without the parental love and affection, a child’s psychological health does not get the strength to establish itself as a human being. As a result, the broken family children become the victim of frustration and thus aggression. This frustration-aggression leads the children to get addicted to various harmful drugs. Being separate from parental love, they try to forget their grief by taking drugs.

The high-class society is already so used to drugs that their children are very familiar with different drugs. As a result, they have a growing interest and attachment towards drugs. When they reach teenage, they try to adopt this vulgar practice of drug and become addicted. Again, the late night parties are mainly popular for the heavy consumption of drugs. The rich young people are going astray following the path of drug addiction. In this way, we are losing our potential human resource.

There have been various long-term effects of drugs on human body. Some common problems are drowsiness, gradual damage of brain and nerves, high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease for drug addiction. If the future generation of the country becomes sick only because of drug addiction who will advance this country further. Additionally, drug addiction leads to social crimes and social violence. The drug-addicted people becomes violent when they cannot afford to buy drugs. They often adopt unfair means to manage drugs for addiction.

Gradually, the drug addicted young people become sick mentally. Their psychological health is affected by the frequent taking of drugs. They act violently and become crazy when they have any trouble managing drugs. For want of drugs, they do not hesitate to hijack other people’s asset. Sometimes, the underworld people wrong them. Even they are bound to commit heinous crimes such as smuggling, kidnapping, murder etc. It has been a crime chain in our society. Drug addiction is pushing our young generation towards the way of destruction. We need to stop it very soon anyhow.

As young generation needs to be the responsible and ideal citizen of the country, they must be forbidden to take drugs. They should be aware of the harmful facts of drug addiction from childhood. Family bonding needs to be strengthened more. Conjugal problem should be solved by counseling. Divorce should be considered as the last resort.

The state has to play a determined role to address this issue more effectively. Necessary laws and acts should be adopted to decrease the rate of drug abuse and drug addiction of the youths. Existing laws and acts regarding drugs need to be amended. Domestic laws should be enforced strictly so that drug trafficking becomes impossible within our land. Awareness building programs are needed to be arranged in the educational instructions. Civil society has to play a vital role in this context. They can raise public awareness by organizing seminar symposium.

In fine, we can say that we are a developing country and our main resource is human resource. As we are a over populated country, our development depends on the proper use of our human resource. But it is not possible for us to be a developed country if the young generation are walking in wrong path. Drug addiction is such a disease, which harms both a person and a society. It is our duty to save the country from being demolished by drug addiction.