Reform of the Bangladesh Police: A Reality or A Dream


As I was given a field study from my course teacher of the department, I was really happy to know that I have to study on Bangladesh Police. I had visited my hometown Pirojpur in 2012. I had visited the office of the Superintendent of Police and two police stations also. I took the interviews individually. The experiences of those days were unforgettable for me. The conditions of those police stations I visited were so pathetic. So, I think I should share my experience about this field study on Bangladesh Police.

Bangladesh Police acts as the law enforcing agency of the government. In other words, they are for the service of the people. Police is the responsible organ of the government for overseeing peace and security in the country. They are the friends of the common people. However, they are considered as the enemy by the people. Our common concept about the police is that police is always corrupted and biased. As a result, the people cannot expect any good deed from the police. There are some reasons behind this concept. Bangladesh police has some limitations within its organizational system.

Structural problem is one of the most vital limitations of Bangladesh police. The laws and regulations that form Bangladesh police were made in the British period. Those laws were fine for the then situation. The style and dimensions of crimes have changed a lot. To cope up with the time, there is needed a review of those outdated laws and rules of Bangladesh Police. The police reform initiative has been taken but it is less than enough.

Another problem of police can be termed as the less educated man power of police force which covers a vast part. But it is very essential to employ educated manpower because of ensuring quality service for the people. Moreover, the less educated police constables and nayeks hardly realize the facts that they are the servants of the republic. For this reason, they cannot fulfill their duties. The service seekers are not satisfied with their attitude.

The police is not served with proper motivation and counseling program. In this case, they waste their time in serving the political leaders, government officials, member of parliaments, and political elites. The allotted time for the common people are spent in somewhere else. The duty of establishing rule of law remain incomplete.

Police force is deprived of minimum salary for their survival with the family. The police officers and constables have to work 13 to 16 hours a day. But their salary is not comparable to other officials of the government. For that reason, they become easily corrupted by the criminals. The environment in which the police officers are provided as police mess and quarters, are not livable at all.

The Bangladesh police has inadequate logistic support. They are supplied with limited number of arms, cars, prison vans etc. The working environment is unhygienic. The police stations of the upazillas and the rural areas are very narrow. The toilet arrangement is not enough for all the police officers and constables. Even, there is shortage of space in the office space also. Not all the police stations are provided with a prison van. It becomes very difficult to carry the criminals one place to another. The jail is also not enough for locking up the criminals.

It is very surprising to see that the police is the body which is liable for investigating the criminal cases. This opportunity has given them the authority to divert and influence the charge sheet of the cases for their own interest and freed the criminals. In this way, the real criminals are roaming around us in spite of doing crimes.

Bangladesh police is usually used by the government to suppress the other political parties and leaders who cover the opposition. Consequently, their valuable time for people’ service goes in vain. Moreover, they lose their honesty and sincerity for being servant of the partisan politics. That is why, they lose the trust of the common people. Again, the chain of command has been interrupted due to the interference of the government.

Mechanisms for ensuring accountability and sincerity is not present in the department of Bangladesh Police. There are laws which has mentioned the internal and external mode and manners of accountability of the police. Internal and external system of accountability ensures corruption free environment and sincerity to the assigned job.

The problems seem massive to be solved at once. It needs concrete effort from the government. The government has already taken the initiative to reform the police force. But we can summarize those suggestions of solutions at least. First of all, the rules, laws and regulations are needed to be reviewed and modified thoroughly. The age old systems of police have to be modernized. Educated police officers and constables are needed to be appointed. The recruitment policy of the police has to be changed in this sense. The logistic support of police force must be increased. Their arms, cars, prison vans should be provided as much as needed. Moreover, the quarter facilities of the police officials are needed to be standard and livable.

The working environment of the police stations are low standard. Moreover, the bathroom and toilet facilities must be hygienic. The office room furniture and materials are needed to be upgraded. The Bangladesh Police must be digitalized enough to be rampant in catching the criminals within a short span of time. Moreover, there should be accountability commission for this department also. The officers are needed to boost up morally so that they can brighten their image in front of the common people. There must be a complaint box in each and every police stations in case of complaints from the service seekers against any officials. I think it will immensely help the authority to know the happenings of the police stations and it will augment the accountability. The authority should focus on these matters to make this force a people-friendly, corruption-free and modern force.