Police force, a puppet of MP and politician


Police, one of the most important forces of law enforcing agency in Bangladesh like all other countries. It has contributed a lot in maintaining and restoring peace in our beloved country Bangladesh. But these days there is a tremendous change in their activity. The police forces are seen to involve in many serious crimes. The force is now becoming hostage to a section of corrupt police official in collusion with leaders, ministers and MPs. It seems that they are no longer assigned to restore peace in the society but also be the puppet of them who dance in the leaders and ministers’ tone. This is really embarrassing for any sovereign independent country.

TIB ( Transparency International Bangldesh) has posted a survey  recently targeting the youth society. In this survey it is noted that 66% of youth commented that the police forces were seriously involved in dishonest way of earning money.  The maximum police forces are seen in making money by taking bribes for  smuggling Yaba, rape , creating opportunity to escape  and much more. But it is matter of great sorrow that this corruption is nothing but mere eyewash.

What you can call it now when a guard of law become a law breaker through their dishonest mean of earning money? Is that acceptable for any country and its citizen? Of course not, but it is what happening in my country. You cannot find a single day without experiencing the heinous rule of police. Even in the road you can see that the traffic police are seeking money or bribe from the private drivers to run their illegally unlicensed vehicles. More surprisingly you can see that the police force don’t spare the poor rickshaw puller who just earn few pennies in a day.

On the other hand, the police forces are helping the smuggler in smuggling yaba, cocaine, phencydiles and other drugs what is responsible for our youth’s destruction. But the police force, which is considered as one of the most important savior of law and our country, now  seemed quite interested in smuggling as they can make some extra money by the dint of their co operation. This is really embarrassing of our country.

Another heinous crime that our police forces are doing frequently is selling themselves by the dint of money. It means they didn’t  filed any cases if it is about any politician or leaders , rather they help them to get out from the web law by showing lame excuses. They seem nothing but a puppet in their hand. They behave like that they are doing those ministers or leaders jobs not for the country. If this goes on for some more  time the people will lose hope from the law enforcing system of Bangladesh. Obviously the result will not be that much good then.