Law & Order in Bangladesh – uncertain dark future


Law & Order situation in Bangladesh is the darkest at present in its history. It looks like, none knows what is going to happen and none is prosecuted for all these murders in killings going on in Bangladesh. For last two years, there had been lots of murders in the name of religion by extremists and fundamentalists. There also had lots of extra judicial killings by law enforcement agencies to please the government. Besides, lots of internal killings took place. Matter of shock, none of the incidents are investigated credibly by police and additionally, they couldn’t conclude any of these cases yet.

Law enforcement agencies always claimed that they would do whatever it takes to arrest and prosecute the criminals; but they could not arrest real criminals for some cases, and for some, they could not even arrest anyone. In some cases, they intentionally did not want to conclude the investigation, because that might go against their own and government’s interests.

Police and other law enforcement agencies are public servant to maintain the law & order situation under control in Bangladesh. But they have not only failed to ensure that, but also manipulating system to put the public in danger. They have always been the servant of government, instead of the public; but for last few years, specially during AL government terms, lost their control. Now even police force does not believe themselves.

Recent murder of wife of Police super Babul Akter at Chittagong and recent development during investigation of that murder raise lots of questions. A police officer, who is trying to take his stand against extremists, is now being investigated for murder of his own wife. Here the secret power of Bangladeshi extremists is revealed. If you go against them, they will harm you and then put you responsible for that harm. Definitely, government and police both are also influenced or may be involved in this.

Law & order situation in Bangladesh is now worst and standing still. Everyone is uncertain and worried about the future of the country. Government is not facing any opposition from any political parties because of their own political weaknesses. As a result, government is doing whatever they like. It seems like, there is dictator running the country, no place for democracy.