Is Bangladeshi Police fully Idiot or Mad?


If you look at the picture, it will tell everything at a glance. In a simple way, a disable person who does not have legs, does not have ability to buy wheel chair, handcuffed, police walking beside him. These words must have made you curious about what actually happened.

The actual story is the person you are saying is named Abul Hossen. He is arrested in a drug related case filed against him. As per his relative’s statement, his both legs had to be cut off due to disease in his childhood. He is taken to court in a multi-storied building for attending his trial process.

Already different people from various sectors have questioned the act by the police on this issue. This is not the first time, police has acted like this. Even police does tie accused with rope for taking them to the court, it seems like they are animal who are taken for sacrifice. Look at this man. Does anyone need to the police that he cannot flee away even he wanted to? Why he is handcuffed. As per the police regulations, police is supposed to handcuffed people who are dangerous or have chance to attempt to flee from the custody. Now do you think, this gentleman is going to do that. It was reported that this individual requested the police to open his handcuff as he was under pain while using his wooden support for moving. Police denied. Bangladeshi police is not at all capable to deal with people. Police does not have minimum knowledge, eagerness on practicing minimum human rights. They only care for their own pocket. I can guarantee you that police are not at all trained institutionally on human rights.

I am going to discuss on another mad act by police below.

Bangladeshi police mad

Here is another example of the idiotic or madness of police. Police has arrested and took these two children Sagar and Robin to the court. They are waiting for their trial in courtyard handcuffed. Police has lodged their age as 19 and 15 years in their complaint; but actually their age is 16 and 12 years from their school record. Both of them are student of local school. They are arrested for drug related issue. As per the law, both of them are considered as children as they are below 18. Again police are treating them as dangerous individuals. As per the children law section 44, children cannot be handcuffed. Now, who is going to make these policemen understand that what they are supposed to do or what not? As per the rule, they are supposed be trialed in special child court. But even our judges don’t follow the rules. Not only the human rights, Bangladeshi police does not have any knowledge about child rights.

Above incidents are just a sample of what Bangladeshi police are doing on ground. They have no idea on their duties. they are not trained at all. One day, from my own experience, when I went to a police station for complaint, they asked me to bring the accused by myself then they will take my complaint officially. Now is it the public’s duty to find out the criminals or police’s?

That is why I will finish today with a question mark, Is Bangladeshi Police fully idiot or mad?