Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum Human rights’ knowledge


Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum knowledge of human rights. I wrote about another incident of hand cuffing a man without both legs. This gentleman was arrested due to suspicion, police even does not have any proof of his committing crime. However, that is not my main point of discussion. Does anyone with common sense can imagine this man named, Khokon Gazi, who does not have a leg, can run away from the police custody? Well, if you think that it’s not possible for him to run away, then the common sense of Bangladeshi police is in doubt.

If you have time to look at Bangladeshi national daily newspapers, you can see lots of political leaders are arrested and taken to court without hand cuffing them. It looks like that they are king and their bodyguards ( police) are guarding them for their safe way to the court. This is not for the first time, these sorts of incidents happening. I have also discussed in one of my previous articles regarding hand cuffing children. But our police is always acting two faces for people. They don’t treat general public as human being. They treat general public as animal.

Already Bangladeshi police is champion for corruption. They don’t have competencies to maintain law & order system in the country. They have failed to arrest, let alone preventing murders of people recently taking place. Police IG said with proud (?) before few days that Bangladeshi police is like a role model for  all the police organisation in the world. Yes, definitely; but role model to become the most stupid, corrupt and incompetent police force in the world.

If a police force does not know it’s duty, does not know what is minimum rights a citizen has, does not have the morale responsibility to treat everyone equally; then this force must be closed or restart from the zero. Bangladeshi police force has always been the weapon of government, thus they do not actually know about the human rights and are being raped by government officials. I think, RAB should take over the police force and police force should be closed. But whoever is responsible for the law & order in the country, must have knowledge and accountability for human rights of general public.