Bangladesh Police is the most corrupt police in the world


If you ask anyone, who are mostly corrupted in Bangladesh? Which is the most corrupted institution in Bangladesh? Who are fully controlled by Governemnt in Bangladesh? Which institution is the most unethical institution in Bangladesh? Which institution violate laws in Bangladesh? Answers for all these questions, including many more, will be Bangladesh Police. This is the most disgusting, corrupted, unethical organisation in Bangladesh and I think in the world as well.

There is a saying that police in Bangladesh accept bribe from all class and all kinds. Even if a poor people does not have money or valuable to bribe police, these poor people are asked to massage the police’s body as a bribe. Some of you may not understand this, but this is the reality in Bangladesh. This is just a saying to show the level of bribery our police has pulled themselves down to. If you are an honest person, police station is not the right place for you. Here each and everything is processed after a bribe. The amount of bribe depends on the seriousness of the case. But this can be guranteed that without bribe, you cannot do anything with police.

Police are mostly interested to receive complaints from a person. Now the catch is, police will take bribe from the person who has gone to file complaint. Then police will contact the person who is responsible for the complaint. Then they will ask for bribe from the accused as well. This will continue till the case is ended. And everyone knows that in Bangladesh, it takes years like, 10, 20 years to end one case in court. As a result, police will continue taking the bribe from everysteps from everyone related to that case. I have just said about a single case. Now if you think, how many complaints are received in all the police stations in the country.

Police stations are not the only places where police bribery is taken place. Rather, traffic police, Detective Branch, RAB, Road accident, promotion within police, transfer within police, tender etc are the famous places for bribery. Traffic sergents, traffic constables take bribe from the amount of 5 BDT to 5000 BDT depending on the persons and seriousness of the problem. Traffic police encourage to violate traffic rules taking the bribe and everyone in cities has definitely experienced this and know about this.

There is a big corruption going on within the Police institution. I have already mentioned that for internal transfer, promition, tender for work order are the most corrupt spots within police. If anyone wants to get transferred to good desired place, he/she needs to pay huge amount of bribe to get the transfer order. Now you may argue that is it for all the transfer? I will say, those who don’t they get transferred to a place where no one wants to go. Same is the case for promotion. It is essential to get the promotion according to merit of the police officers. But unfortunately, in practice this is not the case. You need to pay a handsome amount of money for any promotion. For any work order, as there are work orders of billions in police, you need to provide percentage to the police officer related to get the work order. In this case, bidding amount does not matter. You just need to pay the amount to get the work order.

Now you can ask me, if they pay so much money, from where they get this money and what is the benefit of paying so much money for a transfer or promotion? My answer is very simple, they earned and will earn this money back within 1 month of their promotion or transfer by harrasing public in their area of responsibility.

There are many officer in police who are just a uniformed political activists and or political murderer in uniform. They are forcefully recruited by their political parties when they were in government so that they can kill people as per their political party’s needs. That is how police is politicized in Bangladesh. It is being happenning for ages and as a result, the whole organisation is politicized and all these extrajudicial killings are happenning. Police has become the servant of the government.