Rape and its reason


“Rape” a common buzzword now a day. Every day when we go through newspaper or click online portal to get news feedback, certainly you didn’t miss a single day without the incident of a rape.  Why this rape happened? Is there any specific reason that is responsible for this heinous crime? If you a pay a deep look or record the history of the rape incidents, you find that maximum are helpless girl. Some you find is working class people, some are naïve and innocent girl of rural are and some are teenage or kids. This is really very much shocking for us.

If you take a survey on the reason of the rape from your surrounding area or across the country, undoubtedly ninety five percent people will finger at women’s clothes and their open movement in the road. They say if women cover themselves and put on proper dress, no incident of rape happen? Women should be at home not outside. It is natural that  if men see women at outside the men will get attracted and what later caused in rape.

Sometimes you also get some flexibility to women work. They prefer those women who really need to work for their survival and family they can prefer teaching to maintain the cost. It is the best and secured job for women. They have common opinion that if women work in bank, garments, multinational sectors or any official top post, the women can be easily victim of men’s lust or rape. It is very much natural as they are very much open outside and also they don’t protect themselves from men’s lusty eyes.

But I told it before those women from high profile society are not victim rather those who are from unprivileged society or the teenage or child. If a child is raped, why it happened? She has no physical attraction or any kind of lustrous appearance that a bi-footed animal pull to rape her. Can you please explain the reason? I myself find no reason except the naïve behavior of those innocent girl children. I myself think that those bi-footed animals attack those girls who are helpless and can’t raise their voices against the injustice done to her. Those bi-footed animals take the chances of your helplessness.

Quite unfortunately I have to say that if some dares to protest they don’t get the justice because of our poor law system. The criminals always find a clue to get out or get themselves released by giving bribe or applying the power of leading politician or elite class people power. If this run on in our country, it will be difficult to live on women of our country in upcoming future. If justice has been denied, crime is obviously natural to happen. I ask the concerned authority to take a strict action to prevent rape. If the law system is strict enough, no one dare to commit this mistakes or repeat this in future.  So, please ensure safety for our women, so that they can contribute much for our country’s economy.  We all know our economy is greatly dependent on the women’s contribution. Please save women, and secure the chances of development of our economy.