Preconditions to make each marriage successful



Marriage has been since ancient times, one of the most important social institutions, perhaps the greatest and most important of all institutions in human society. But now days, it considered as mental stress to some extent. It happens in connubial life because of unwise decision of the male and female member, who is getting married and so on their elder family members.

Their decision to get married a girl or a boy within few days’ acquaintance proves a great mistake in their life. They should understand well each other before their marriage. Otherwise their matrimony will prove failure one.

Once the elders of the family decided, who would be perfect life partner for their children? Then, the matrimony candidate would not get the scope of seeing each other, even of talking to. In course of time, this tradition has been changed because of advancement of the communication technology. Now the connubial candidate can easily meet and share their thought and view and their likings and disliking over phone or through social network-Facebook or Twitter however the way may be of their marriage- arrange or affair. They can take 3 or 4 months before their marriage to know and understand well each other.

 They should share not only their success but also the secret or failure of their life. The open discussion about their major events of life such as- ex-love, ex- marriage, fascination about any particular thing, favorite food , important events of their student life,  occupation and responsibility type, political view, family members, any remarkable family matters etc. Often it is seen that, the negative side of a family remain unexposed. Being afraid of breaking alliance, they keep secret their family weakness, which they shouldn’t do at all. After marriage all these things create misunderstanding between them, even it may pull this matter to divorce stage.

The alliance of marriage should not move on by adopting the way of falsehood. If you start your conjugal life with the support of lie, it’ll point questions at your personality after revealing the truth. Any kind of situation can be handled easily, if they are respectful and co-operative to each other .If they do not have same consent on any matter, they should compromise for each other.They should come forward to solving this matter.

Another important matter for a girl that she should make it clear to her fiancé and in laws about her job and study before marriage. It can be cleared through discussion if do they have any problem about their would be daughter-in -law’s job or education in our country. It is seen that in most of the families in our country, a girl’s job or education depend on her husband or in laws will after the matrimony. Sometimes it is seen that in many families, a girl who is daughter – in -law of a family has to suffer many problems in continuing her higher education and job. In that case, a girl has to make it clear to her fiancé and in laws about her willing to job or education or her future plan. Her wise and practical steps can solve her problem.

Many couples are found in depression by finding no similarities between their life before and after marriage. They became frustrated. The closest person of their life seems unknown gradually. They fall in mental depression and hopelessness. They show anger or disgust to their partner without any reason which spoils tranquility in the family. It hindrances not only your personal or conjugal life but also creates bad impact on your career. It also creates bad impact on your children, if you have. Then, marriage seems to be a curse. You started to think it is the great mistake of your life. Don’t take any hasty decision in this situation. You should be wise by discussing this matter with your partner.

Moreover, a successful marriage is equal to two great forgivers. Along with forgiveness, be co-operative and compromising to your partners to have a successful matrimony. After all, a happy conjugal life can give you a tension free and happy life.