Why girl is always question at for their age for marriage?


“When will you get married? You have your post graduation degree? You are getting old dear?”  These are the mostly commonly asked question to me these days everywhere I go.  Yes, people around us are too much worried about a girl’s marriage. They think, marriage is the only mean to complete a girl’s life perfectly.  Yes, I do appreciate their concern and love for me when they said quite affectionately, “Ma (mother, a very affectionate tone to call someone   like your daughter) get married early. You are getting old. If you don’t marry on time, you will not get perfect husband for you. You know how difficult it is for a girl to live alone without support of a male.” Usually I was so touched by seeing their love and concern in their eyes for me. Usually I kept quite when they discussed about my marriage. But sometimes I used to reply by saying that “I am enough capable to take care of myself. I earn enough to manage my cost. Am I not happy now?”  But their answer is quite frustrating to me in reply of my question. They said, yes you can earn enough but a girl life is incomplete without a man support.” When I heard their suggestion I was quite surprised and thought is that true a girl need only a man to support. Don’t the men need a girl as for their support?  I could not answer their question and just gave a fake smile and left the place. Because I knew my argument will be useless in comparison with their logic. They will never approve my logic moreover they will finger at my life style.

We have moved on in many aspects of development. Even women empowerment is quite mark worthy here in Bangladesh. Our Prime Minister, Opposition leader, Speaker and a record number of female are contributing for the development of our country.   Even more than 70 % of women are contributing in our country’s economy including with garments sector to top lead official post through their labor and merit. It is true that we, women society in Bangladesh already get financial liberty through earning, but still we are captured into the so called traditional rule.  Still we majority think that marriage is the best way for a girl’s life, both financially and socially. Yes I doo agree that marriage is important social organization which leads a man and woman into a complete life by making a family of their own. But this does not mean a girls security issue only but something that is much more important than that. In the term of age , there is also no binding, you can do it at any time or when you feel like to sit for marriage , may be after settling up your career or dream.

 This is high time now to break up the old privilege of age or marriage issue of women. We have proved that already women are no more marriage material to produce children. So come forward and break up all the false concept and adorn each girl life with pure ray of success.