Eve teasing and its solution


Scarcely had you found a day that a girl who go outside for work or study without being a victim of eve teasing? Wherever you go office, university even of school, girls cannot be escaped of getting irritating comments from the mean minded boys. If you go through any newspaper , may be you find no news of eve teasing in the page , as the reporters found it not that much interesting issue to catch readers attention. I cannot blame the reporters and the news press authority also, because if they have to publish the news of eve teasing the entire pages will be blocked only by the news of eve teasing, as you will not find any city or any local area in Bangladesh where eve teasing is not happened.

So there is no doubt that eve teasing is the most complex problem now a day which requires more attention to stop it.  If you want to make a solution of this ever burning problem, I guess you need to study a lot on law and people mind to prevent it, though I cannot  ensure you whether it works or not, because the problem is like that. If you impose any cruel punishment for this crime it may be a little bit effective. But the question comes how many people you can punish in a day or do you have those adequate facilities, passages or huge low enforcing member and quick but effective system. So I guess this is not the right way to go to stop eve teasing. So what can be the solution of this problem?  Is that problem making you to think only without giving you a solid solution?

Well, I always believe that if there is any problem, there must be a solution to stop it and the solution is raising awareness and teaching your male children at home how a girl should be treated and how could they be respected? This is the best solution to stop the social crisis. We all know human beings are imitative in nature. They love to learn what others do. For example: if you have a nice family and the male member  (usually father of this child) is respectable to female member ( mother of this child), the male child used to learn it and of course the values instilled in his blood, what later stops him in doing such a crime of eve teasing. If a  son to father teach their son, and a son to his son, the son to his son the problem can be solved. But it is a gradual process to stop this, so what else left to stop this problem. Yes again the solution is awareness, do your best to make people around you aware and let them know how important a woman is in any men’s life and what is their deserved respect and place in their life.  All the men should recall that a girl is their mother, sister, wife and daughter! If the male society could understand that fact no incidence of eve teasing will be seen anywhere in my beloved country Bangladesh.