There are two types of rules established in Bangladesh for holidays. Today I am going to travel you around this chaos. So fasten your seat belt for a bumpy ride.

At the very beginning of the year both government and most of the private organisations publish their holiday calendar. Few of these holidays really depend on the month of moon. If you can have a copy of the public holidays declared by the government, it will look very good and will present you with a harmonious distribution of holidays among all religions and casts of people live in Bangladesh. But the catch is, when they announce this holiday, they also add a line that private organisations will announce their own holidays depending on the urgency of the business.

Normally government observe whether some of the holidays are provided in private organisations, like independence day, May day, victory day or any other days related to the political party who is in government. Other than those, what the private organisations are actually doing regarding the holidays, have got no interest of the government. As a result, private organisations are playing with their employees or labors as per their own interests.

Today is Buddha Purnima which is a public holiday in Bangladesh, but I can guarantee you that 90% of the private organisations are open today and everyone is forced to work. Because, if they don’t, they will remain absent or in some serious cases, some of them may even lose their jobs. This is not the case for only Buddha Purnima or Christmas. The same scenario is copied in other religious holidays. Some of you may question whether the same happens during EID holiday in Bangladesh as it is a Muslim dominated country. My answer is ‘yes’. I have seen it myself. During Eid holiday in private organisation, Muslim, Hindu general workers were forced to work. I will not say all the workers or employees, but a group of them. Now my question is, don’t they have right to enjoy their holidays like others? But the most shocking news is that they were not even paid for that work during the holidays what they are supposed to get paid. Now how fair is that?

Our ministers, prime minister and other political leaders are attending the May day meetings, seminars and saying very convincing words for the development of general workers in the country. But let me tell you, all these are nothing but political flattery words. All these are fakes. The information or picture I tried to provide you in above paragraph is just about the labors or workers who are working in any organisation. Our more than 60% general workers are not working within any institutional framework. As a result, they are not regulated by any law enforcing agencies or any authorities. What their owner is saying, that is the law for them. This picture brings me back in the era of Slavery. Too much harsh? No, this is the truth.

This issue is existing there for years. None has got any interest to improve or protest against it. Because, normally government should take the initiative to regulate this leave discrimination or review laws related to this. But they don’t have any interest, because they will form a pay commission before the election and will announce that if they are re-elected they will increase the pay of the workers or employees of all categories. The funniest thing is this pay commission will never submit proposal before the election. They will take all the time of the world to prepare the proposal, because they are actually the foot soldier of the government.

Labor leaders, they are the most cunning persons in Bangladesh. I had opportunities to meet and work with some of them. All of them are selfish. They will act in public, as if they will even die for the general workers for their rights. But I have seen that they are bribed, rather they ask for bribe from the owner of the organisations in the back of the screen. I am not making up stories; I personally witnessed it several times. Some of the labor leaders will initiate unrest, if they don’t receive their bribe or favor asked. How do they do that is a long strategy, I may need to write a different article on that. But believe me, this is how it works. There are two different source of income by the labor leaders; those are local political parties and international interested parties. As a result, they will in fact do nothing for the workers or employees of the private organisations.

Now come to the part of the workers. Firstly, 99% are scared of losing their jobs if they try to protest against this discrimination by the organisations. Rest 0.5% is the follower of the labor leaders, so they will actually do so many things; but all the activities, protests will be as per the guidance of the labor leaders. Rest 0.5% is idiots, because they really protests and looses their jobs. I am really sorry to say them idiots, because they are the real people in this wrong world.

So far I think, the general employees are suffering from lots of discrimination from their organisation and unfortunately they don’t have anyone to lead, they don’t have any forum to place their complain, they are slaves of the modern era. Those who are supposed to lead them are already misled. One day, I hope, workers, labors, employees of Bangladesh will be led by a real good leader to get the rights properly.