Stop risky child labor: help to build up a progressive society


“Give me 10 taka, please. I am very hungry. I will buy something to eat. Please Apa!!” when I was crossing the new market area today I met the boy. I said nothing; just give a glance to the boy. He seemed quite poor, putting on torn jeans only. He requested me again, please Apa, I am suffering from fever and starving for two days. Please give me 10 taka only.” I was feeling so touched with his appeal. I asked him his name. He replied with a quite weak tone, “My name is Jahed.” -‘How old are you?’ Jahed answered, I don’t know but my friend said that I am 9 years old.’ I asked him again how he knows about your age. He replied quickly because he is elder than me. “Don’t you live with your family? No, apa, I don’t know about my parents. Even I don’t know where I born and when. I cannot remember my parents face also. I stay with my friends in footpath.” When I gave him 10 taka note he seemed so happy and said apa you are too good.”

There are million over children in the streets in the country like Jahed. They have no family and no body to look after. They live in the street and manage their livelihood somehow. Sometimes they do car cleaning, sometimes carry the bag or sometimes polishing shoes. Even they are seen to choose risky profession like rickshaw pulling or doing inhumanly labor in industrial and manufacturing plants, small scale factories, metal works, construction works and in brick field. It is really matter of deep sorrow that those innocent and immature children have to choose such a risky life only to mean of their livelihood. Why do they need to choose such a path of livelihood? Isn’t there any option to get rid of this risky child labor? Well, there is many social and non government organization who works for preventing risky child labor. You may see many cultural programs that chalked out in special occasion like international child day or any national day.  They advertise to prevent risky child labor or if it is labor than in sophisticated way.  But quite unfortunately you can see that, the programs importance and work dimension sustain for this occasion only or for few days. They forgot the promise they made to prevent risky child labor. Even you can see, the youngest one works in those speakers’s or so called human right activist’s home. This is quite shameful indeed! If we can’t bring change into own self, then how can we expect it from others? Isn’t it foolish or kind of show off program to get publicity in the society?

Childhood is the best time to enjoy, but the insecurity and poor financial status lead them to this cruel life. Isn’t it every child right to be happy? If yes, who will make it happen then? You ? Me? Or we all together?