Road Accidents in Bangladesh: What to Do?


There is not even a single day when we do not read or see the news of road traffic accidents on newspapers or televisions. Each and every accident is shocking. This rate of road accidents is alarming. It is increasing every year. The police record says that 3000 fatalities happen every year. But the other sources say that the number of the road accidents goes beyond 12000 to 20000 in a year. An accident incurs a huge loss for a person, a family, a society, a country physically, psychologically and financially. It refers to the significance of this matter which must be taken seriously by the concerned authority and by the conscious people. Otherwise, it will be too late for the solution. Frequent road accidents have become a social problem as it is concerned with a number of causal factors. If we want to root out this problem, we have to find out the causes at first.

Road accident has been a social concern for Bangladesh. We lose a number of potential manpower only for road accidents. The state has to suffer great monetary loss. Thousands of buses, trucks, private cars are damaged. The children are the most vulnerable victim of road accidents. While crossing roads in front of the schools, they meet with accidents and this number is very high in the city areas.

The unfit and old vehicles pile on the city roads. They always move on to the roads and cause unnecessary traffic jam. When any special occasion or the religious occasions arrive and there is excessive demand of transports in the highways, those old and unfit vehicles move on the highways. As a result, they cause a huge number of peoples death and a massive loss of properties.

The condition of the highway roads of Bangladesh is the worst one. The he highways are broken everywhere. It becomes very dangerous on the rainy season. Heavy rainfall often causes slippery. As a result, the buses and trucks often loses control over the speed and fall in fatal road accidents. The authority shows some concern and assure the roads will be repaired. But the reality remains the same as it was before.

Most of the specialists say that most of the accidents occur due to the carelessness of the drivers. It is true in one sense. The drivers often remain drunk during the time of driving. This can bring about disaster. Moreover, overtaking tendency among the drivers is also responsible for road accidents. Most importantly, all the drivers are not given the license properly. Anyone can collect fake license from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority by giving bribe. For that reason, the inefficient drivers cannot drive the vehicles safely. So, I think the problem is in the system of the license giving authority.

The pedestrians of the city roads often move in a hurry to cross the roads. Moreover, there is a tendency among the pedestrians. They hardly use the foot over bridge and the zebra crossing. This tendency cause the road accidents on the city roads and the pedestrians get crushed over by the speedy vehicles.

Consciousness of traffic rules and laws is not present among the drivers, pedestrians, and the common people. It seems very awkward  when anyone obeys traffic rules very seriously and sincerely. That is why, many people prefer to be in a competition of breaking rules. But it is very necessary to move safely in the roads and highways and to avoid accidents.

There are some possible suggestions for this problem that I can suggest. First of all, the government should more concentrate on the infrastructural development because it is the main reason of road accidents in Bangladesh. The roads and highways are needed to be upgraded. Our present communication minister has assured that the poor condition of the roads and highways will be repaired soon. So, we are waiting for positive result of the commitment.

The old vehicles are needed to be removed from the roads. The unfit buses, trucks should be repaired. The fitness checking should be regularly maintained. The rickshaws and three wheeler vehicles should be kept within the municipal area as those vehicles are responsible for accidents in the highways. The community police can play an immense role in vigilance of this matter.

The government should make the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority a more accountable and strict body to provide driving license after full observation of one’s capability and experience. There should be transparent system of giving license. If it is maintained properly, 50 per cent accidents will be reduced. More foot over bridges are needed to be built in important points for assuring safe and easy road cross. Awareness building program regarding the importance of safe roads and the significance of the maintenance of traffic rules.

Civil society people should be vibrant to raise public awareness regarding the knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. The government should take necessary steps to organize campaign on the importance of maintaining traffic rules. Furthermore, the drivers should be given proper training and motivation to follow traffic rules and drive safely. In this context, the willingness of the common people is very necessary because they are the main victim of road accidents. The children must be taught the traffic signals and the use of zebra crossing properly.

The news channels can telecast social awareness raising programs on the topic. Special talk shows can be telecast. The print media can publish editorial and articles on the issue of road accidents. Mass consciousness can be brought by organizing public participating programs by the media.

In fine, we can say that road accidents are the most common and pathetic tragedy on our day to day life. We are very much acquainted with this term. We remain concerned for the dear one who have to go out. It becomes matter of tension whether all the family members can return home safely. It is high time we took concerted efforts to make our roads safe. Otherwise, our near and dear ones are on danger.