Few questions on recent Bangladesh


Few questions need to be asked on what is going on in Bangladesh. With the help of print, electronic and social media, everyone within and outside Bangladesh knows about the situation in Bangladesh. But most of the information released, are questionable. Because government is hiding few truth and manipulating with the information. Today I will raise few questions and expect everyone who is reading this article to think about the answers. If you think, I am wrong, please do let me know by commenting.

1, What is the motive of Awami League government for denying ISIS present in Bangladesh?

2. As said by AL government that there is no ISIS connection in Bangladesh, then why ISIS publishing information about terrorist attack in Bangladesh in their publications?

3. As said by government, there are no ISIS in Bangladesh; then why police is looking for ISIS representatives in Bangladesh?

4. Why BNP is quiet about terrorist activities in Bangladesh?

5. Why BNP is not aggressively protesting against AL actions?

6. Why and how all the Islamic banned organisations grouped together to attack people in Bangladesh?

7. Who is funding all these organisations in Bangladesh?

8. Why Jamat E Islami has become so inactive recently where they were very aggressive even before a year?

9. Why modern educational institutions are getting connected with terrorists?

10. Don’t you think, ISIS has targeted educational institutions in Bangladesh to recruit young people?

11. Why government is always claiming that BNP is responsible for all the terrorist activities in Bangladesh?

12. What is the reaction of general public in rise of radicalization in Bangladesh?

13. Why fundamentalist groups are changing their organisations’ names?

14. Was it intentional failure for intelligence agencies to identify recent terrorist activities in Bangladesh?

If you have any answer or comment on these above questions, please do let me know. If you want to add some questions, please comment.