It was a talk of the town all over Bangladesh regarding the visit of Indian Prime minister recently. He just returned after the official visit in Bangladesh yesterday. In current political situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit carried a significant impact. Before his visit, there was confusion and expectations from different political parties in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, none discussed about what general public wanted during the discussion.

Events and activities of Indian Prime Minister were very encouraging and there are so many things to be learned from him personally as a politician and head of the government. From the very beginning of this tour and till the end, the way he used social media will remain as learning milestone for Bangladeshi politicians. He did not overlooked any point during his visit which could create controversy or show any favor to any particular political party in Bangladesh. For that reason I salute him, though there were some issues which could not be solved between two countries.

From the Bangladeshi government perspective, it seemed that they were successful as organizer. They have honored previous active leader of India as his role during liberation war of Bangladesh. Another big political party of Bangladesh named BNP offered a dialogue between Awami League and BNP on the occasion of Indian Prime minister’s visit. Awami League is in government now, they could have taken this chance of sitting for a dialogue, and whatever may be the occasion was, to soften the political distance with BNP in the current political situation. This could be the beginning of new practice. They could have discussed on the issues which should be discussed during the Indian Prime minister’s visit or may be any internal political issues which could solve many upcoming problems in Bangladeshi political scenario. However, it was the government who denied the dialogue. As a result, all the responsibilities for this denial go to them.

Our so called parliament’s opposition leader did nothing before or after and even during the visit. Present situation of our opposition leader is as such, lots of citizen of the country do not even know who the opposition leader is. They are nothing but the puppet of the government. I could know through newspaper that she requested for the agreement of Tista river water distribution. I don’t know why she raised this point. It was well known and officially announced by the Indian government that this agreement will not be discussed or agreed during this visit. I think, she needs to be keeping herself updated.

BNP was very busy to try for meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. Because if they could not meet, it would be a political defeat for them as they had been defeated few times in recent past by the government. So government was also trying against BNP’s win. However, BNP leader got 35 minutes slot with the Indian Prime minister to discuss. As always, they complained against the government and highlighted the bad things of Bangladesh, which carries a bad impression regarding our country to our guest. I don’t know why BNP always cries to the foreigners, instead of taking initiatives to develop their own political party and raise their voice against government. I have doubt on the merit of the advisers of BNP who actually advises this approach.

However, this was a simple and straight forward visit by Indian prime minister. There were issues which Indian government tried to avoid politely for some of their internal political reasons. But at least land dispute between India and Bangladesh were solved, that is a great achievement for the citizen of both the countries.