Hasina Govt filled with fool ministers


Recent activities of three cabinet members have proved that the current ruling Awami League government is filled with fool ministers. Their activities have proved that the Prime Minister even has no control over their ministers. That is why they can say anything publicly and can do anything without her permission. Of course, there is no doubt that those ministers are the reason of displeasure for the government.

In the recent time, the three ministers Finance Minister AMA Muhith, Food Minister Md Qamrul Islam and Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Huq have made the country warm with their nonsense, controversial comments time to time over the recent most talked issue BB fund heist and comment against chief justice SK Sinha.

Experts think, although every minister has own independent ministry but they work under the direct supervision of the prime minister. As three ministers are making some irritating remarks, it seems that they are out of control of the prime minister.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith recently made some controversial comments on Bangladesh Bank former governor Dr Atiur Rahman over fund hacking from its US Fed account. In an exclusive interview with a leading Bangla daily he said, “Atiur Rahman has no contribution to country’s economy and reserve. He works like a public relations officer and supposes to address various programs at national and international level.”

On the other hand, Food Minister Md Qamrul Islam and Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Huq have raised question about Chief Justice’s role on judgment of war criminal Mir Quasem.

Qamrul Islam had demanded hearing of Mir Quasem’s appeal against his death sentence by a new bench, excluding Chief Justice Sinha, in a roundtable of Ekatturer Ghatak-Dalal Nirmul Committee in Dhaka on March 5.

Justice Sinha’s displeasure at the work of the International Crimes Tribunal’s investigators and prosecutors in the war crimes cases, including Mir Quasem’s one, had been seen by Islam as a broad hint that the war criminal’s death penalty might not be upheld. Mozammel Huq had also criticized the chief justice at the same program.

The full bench of the Appellate Division then issued a contempt rule against them. The order on the rule was delivered on Sunday and fined two ministers TK 50,000 each.

Country’s civil society members think that such interference by the cabinet members will hamper the smooth works of the judiciary.

Earlier, several ministers had involved themselves with some controversial matters. Political experts said recent remarks (without permission of the prime minister) by the three ministers hint different meanings.

Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhit said on Bangladesh Bank fund heist that BB Governor Dr Atiur Rahman did not tell him about the fund heist. He learnt the matter from media reports almost a month after the incident. However, after resigning Dr Atiur Rahman said that he informed the finance minister about the fund heist in a formal letter in his farewell conference, but the minister did not show any reaction to that.

The conflicting information against each other has created a confusing atmosphere in the finance sector.   There are confusion about the remarks that if it is acceptable or not! In an interview with one of the most popular national daily, the finance minister said, the bank employees are involved in the reserve heist. He also said that BB governor Atiur had no contribution to the finance sector. He spent his most of the time in travelling abroad. However, after the interview published in the newspaper he said, the remarks in the interview are not acceptable.

Badiul Alam Majumder, Secretary, Sushasoner Jonyo Nagorik (Sujon) said on the activities of the minister, the prime minister is the chief of the executive department and the rest ministers are bound to explain their responsibility.  The two ministers passed controversial comments on a most talked about case of the war crime criminal what was under trial. Their comment raises questions on the freedom of justice department. Though the two ministers were punished because of Supreme Court contempt but there is still a question, are the ministers in prime minister’s control?

He also said, there are differences between passing comments on state’s affair and state’s most important affair.  Law and justice division is important pillar of the country. How two ministers of the executive department can comment like that?

 Professor Anu Mohammad, Member Secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources and Power said, the present parliament is not responsible to give any explanation.  Though, it cannot be expected much from the ministers of a government, who had won already without any election.  The comments of two ministers on Supreme Court judgment, and the finance minister’s remarks prove that.

Professor M Anowar Hossain, the former vice-chancellor of Jahangir Nagar University, said, I said earlier that the activities of few ministers prove that they are removing the well-wishers of prime minister from her. I am afraid, that the prime minister really knows that what is going on in the country!

If her ministry goes on with those stupid ministers I must say once she would have nothing except regretting. All her good, effective initiatives will go in vein because of those stupid ministers.