Government’s failure on parents’ shoulder now


Bangladeshi government transferring their responsibility of failure to parents of lost children. Recently it is a talk of the town. Government has decided that if anyone found militant, their parents will be held responsible for that. When a person become adult, it is very difficult for the parents to keep their whole control on them to track all their activities. Now if the person becomes a Islamic militant, government will prosecute the parents with the militant.

In recent years, Islamic militants’ activities have risen to the sky. Many of them have already caught the eyes of international media and community. Government was always reluctant to take necessary steps against it. They, in fact, wanted to keep it alive; because of gaining political upper hand for the next general election. Police has tried their best to market their actions. But, as always, their activities were limited to reaction only. They have failed to take proactive measures.

Instead of taking responsibilities for their failure to stop Islamic militants, they are handing off that to the parents. I can assure you that all the parents in Bangladesh will not be able to tackle this burning problem. They are not educated to do so. Above all, social practice in Bangladesh has not improved in to that level to trace and track their children’s every move.

It is the government’s duty and responsibility to  ensure safety and security of the citizens and foreign nationals visiting the country. During this government’s term, there have been several incidents where lots of foreign nationals were murdered by the fundamentalist militants in different part of the country. This about the innocent victims’ families. They have never expected that and they should not. A person is visiting or working in another country must be felt secured. Unfortunately, our government is such a failure that they can not ensure the safety of their own citizen, let alone foreign nationals.

Opposition political parties like BNP is also failure to raise voice against government’s this wrong step. As a parent, yes everyone has their duties towards children. But they don’t have the tools and resources to find out all the time what their children is doing; especially when the children have grown adult.

Instead, government should have train teachers to motivate and educate children through formal education on the bad affect of terrorism. Young children who tend to move towards terrorism and become soft target of terrorism recruitment, could identify themselves and avoid the wrong path. Government is trying to use the whip instead of motivating people against terrorism.

Government must realize that rubbing hand off from the responsibilities of young people, is not going to last long. Even they don’t have the exact figures how many have already joined militant groups. Parents are always their to help the government as they definitely love their children. But instead being a team work, it is looking more like blame game.