Government is patronizing radicalization in Bangladesh 2017


Bangladeshi Government is patronizing radicalization in Bangladesh. This is not a new news, but the scale in which this is taking place is surprising. All the political parties in the country always used religion as an emotional tool to fool voters. But the way this government is doing is astonishing. This shameless and radicalized government is now became slave of Hefazat-E-Islam, one of the most Islamic radicalized political parties of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina who likes to call herself the daughter of the father of nation (!), does not look like the daughter of the nation.

Day before yesterday when I came to know about the dismantling of a statue from the front of the high court, I could clearly where this government is heading. I could see another ‘Bangla Bhai project’ by this government. The difference is, last time it was stupid Khaleda Zia, this time idiot Sheikh Hasina.

Everyone knows about Sheikh Hasina’s dictatorship within her party. After this decision, all other ministers are trying to repeat what their mother Sheikh Hasina wanted. All these ministers are nothing but a puppet of Sheikh Hasina, they don’t have courage to raise their voice against wrong. The reason behind it is, if they do they will lose their minister-ship and power.

What a shame! Radicalized Muslim groups are arranging procession after Friday prayer to fight against secularism in the country. PM did not waste time to please their darkest desire. Police did not take any action to stop them. Where as, yesterday secular minded online activists, student unions, cultural organisations protested this removal of statue, they were strongly hammered by the police and arrested. What a shame!

That statue which is explained by the famous Mrinal Haque, was a statue of an woman symbolizing justice. By removing this, government has shown publicly that where we are. This statue was not just a statue like other, it was a symbol of freedom of expression, freedom of rights, freedom of speech and secularism. Shamelessly, this government has shown their stand with the radicalized Islamic groups.

Everyone knows the weakness of this government about Hefazat-E-Islam. This government is afraid of another 5th May. Whatever they are demanding, this government is agreeing to that, even that is against the value of secularism. This government has already made this country radicalized muslim country, where people from other faith and secular mind cannot survive.

How many people have died so far? How many people have already fled the country? It is uncountable now. People must stand together against it, otherwise all the sacrifice people have done, will go in vain. This government has already turned the mindset of the people. If you are not radicalized muslim, you don’t belong here.

Please continue your effort to protest these steps in the country. Otherwise, this golden country will become coal soon. Another Afghanistan, Pakistan ruled by Taliban, IS, Al-Qaida is going to be Bangladesh which we are not going to accept. The most dangerous terrorist in the country is not Sheikh Hasina. STOP her.