For last couple of weeks, international media is providing news on the south Asian migrants’ issue who are left in sea by the illegal migrant suppliers. I don’t want to write about what other nations are doing for rescuing their nationals or taking them return from this misery. It is well known by all internationally that one country has abandoned their nationals to die there and one other country has ordered not to rescue any illegal immigrant from the sea. I want to write about what my country is doing on this issue.

Illegal immigration issue has not taken place all of a sudden. It is grown slowly and gradually in years. This issue is highly active in districts adjacent to cox’s bazaar sea beach. There is a long area which is not covered by the coast guard of Bangladesh or Navy. So, there is ample of opportunity for the people-smugglers to use this area to smuggle people to countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia etc. There were so many news or documentaries on this issue in local media. Unfortunately, Government has taken no effective step to stop this. Through the investigations, it was found that local political leaders are involved and financially benefited out of this. In some cases, some members of  law enforcing agencies used to take bribe in the process. Therefore, people-smugglers could smuggle people very easily.

People from other parts of Bangladesh were also smuggled through that route to Malaysia. Sometimes, some water boats full of smuggled people were recovered in the sea. Normally three things used to happen in the fate of smuggled people.

1. They were smuggled to a country and held by that country’s immigration and sent to jail.

2. Some of the smuggled people were through to that country and were forced to hide in a place. In this case, after some days, they were forced to ask their families in Bangladesh for money as ransom; otherwise they won’t be left free. Some of them were even murdered due not to collect the ransom as asked.

3. Some smuggled people were lucky enough to escape from the smugglers and could return to the country. Eventually, they informed all the information to everyone.

This time, may be for huge media coverage of the graves found in one of the country, people-smugglers left the smuggled people in the sea and fled the area. Due to the investigations by different angles world-wide, this issue has become a global issue. Law enforcing agencies of different countries are very much alert now and taking effective steps to get hold of these smugglers and their god-fathers.

But what will be the status in the fate of the smuggled people where children, women included are left alone in the sea? Why don’t we put ourselves in their shoe for once and think about their fate and sufferings? In 2015, people are left alone in the sea to die??? Is this called humanity? If it is the true face of us, then we should stop faking our speech in big international forums for humanity. Somebody to rescue them and then start calculating please. They are in danger, need help, food and treatment. At least, think about the children. These innocents even don’t know anything.

Hundreds of smuggled people are identified as Bangladeshi who are still hanging in the sea. Home minister, Foreign minister and even Prime minister have said that Bangladeshi nationals will be rescued and returned back home. My question is, how long does it really take to take this action? Weeks? My dear Government, you are given with the power to execute for the people of this country and when they are in danger, you are still thinking?

If anyone dies there for not taking immediate action for rescuing them, then this government has to face the general public as responsible for their death. So, stop talking and take immediate actions to rescue them. After you rescue our nationals, then talk and discuss regarding preventive actions needs to be taken in future.