Bangladeshi constitution is unfit and unfair for everyone


Bangladeshi constitution, itself is not fit anymore. When this country got independence, people were promised for a country and constitution which will have freedom and equality for people from all background and faith. But after decades of independence, it looks like this country is only for Muslims. The Muslims who are radicalized, government which is controlled by radicalized political parties, a radicalized Muslim constitution which gives upper hand to all Muslims than other people.

Matter of shame, none tried to understand the needs of other religious or non-religious background. This is 2017, people are fighting for rights of LGBT; at that time, Bangladeshi government is scared of removing the name of the Muslim God from the constitution. My challenge is, if the Bangladeshi constitution is secular, than why don’t you include other faiths and non-believers in that. Why don’t you give right of LGBT equally?

The problem is about the mindset of people. Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia, Ershad – none will take a single attempt to include others, LGBT, non-believers or to remove the name of Muslim God from the constitution. Still Muslims are getting more holidays in a year. What is fault of other people? These are very common discrimination. Political leaders of Bangladesh are run and controlled by radicalized fundamentalist political groups. They are talking about the peace, but trust me this peace they are talking about is just only for the people who are Muslim in this country. There is no peace for the other faiths or groups.

Bangladeshi constitution itself is radicalized slowly and gradually over the years. Most of the Bangladeshi people are radicalized inside their mind, they are so blind about the god, that they will sacrifice their own and family members’ life, if it is against their faith. Muslim society in Bangladesh has got the same ideology like IS and Al Qaeda. If you go to any place and if you try to express your opinion which contradict their religious belief, you are a dead man. If you try to do that, you may be murdered by your own family members. you are not safe there.

Bangladeshi constitution instead of punishing the fundamentalists, it promotes them. I don’t think, there is any other place in the world like Bangladesh where people are scared of justice system. Because justice system which is actually should have uphold the constitution, is also radicalized. Bangladeshi government is like North Korea whenever it’s about showing off to rest of the world.

Bangladesh will say, we are good at women empowerment because our prime minister and speaker is woman. Our chief justice is not Muslim, so we are promoter of other faiths. But if you live in this country then you will find what fact is. My standing is not against any faith, my standing is why do you need a religion to run a country? why do you need to use a God to scare people? Why do you need to establish your constitution as secular when it’s not?

At least let the people choose. At least let the people express their opinion. At least let the people be treated equally. At lest let the people the right to be in peace. My opinion is, if you don’t remove the name of Muslim God from Bangladeshi constitution, then declare this country as Muslim country like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or change the constitution which will fit in modern era.