Bangladesh Awami League is far away from their own aims, objectives and fundemental principles


Today I am going to draw a picture of our ruling party which will show the actual difference between what they say and what they do practically. Anyone can understand from today’s post. I have collected aims, objectives and principles of Bangladesh’s ruling party’s official website and going to discuss by point which they think to be their so called aims, objectives and principles. It will show you how they are fooling around general public of Bangladesh with their fake promises. So, lets start…

According to Bangladesh Awami League their aims and objectives are as below. I will try to put my opinions in RED colour. You can find these on Awami League’s official website > constitution page.

Aims and Objectives

2. Preamble

a) To consolidate the independence of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and to uphold its sovereignty as well as territorial integrity;- This government has made lots of agreement with neighboring countries to pass through our country in the name of transit and transhipment agreement. Ruling party has not asked for any vote or conscent from the public on this issue. They have intentionally done it to please other countries. You are allowing other countries to pass through your territory regularly  and that country is not doing the same in return. Then how ruling party is consolidating the indepence and upholding country’s territorial integrity, I don’t know.

b) To establish and protect the people’s constitutional rights since all powers in the Republic belong to the people;- This is most funny line I have read in this consitution of AL. Awami League has failed to establish voting power of the people which is one of the most fundamental constitutional rights of the public. Through national, local and last city corporation elections, it is proved that this government does not establish and protect the people’s constitutional rights. This government is the illegal government since the independence of Bangladesh.

c) To ensure political, economic, social and cultural freedom and welfare of all citizens;- Where biggest opposition political party can not say anything against the government, where bloggers are arrested for expressing their throughts, where a minister is sacked for telling the truth about hajj, where people are abducted, killed without trial; how this government aims to ensure political, social, economical, cultural freedom- I really don’t know.

d) To build a Secular, democratic society and state-system imbued with the spirit of Liberation War.- If this government wants Bangladesh to be secular society then why don’t they change the start of the constitution where it is said ‘starting by the name of Allah’. Awami league trying to potray Banglades as secular country, but they are scared to omit that line from the constitution. It’s totally hypocrisy by the government. Democracy is a word which no longer true in Bangladesh. None in Bangladesh can call this government as a democratic government. This is an illegal, hypocratic and autocratic government. They are far from their aims and objectives.

Fundamental Principles

The fundamental principles of the Bangladesh Awami Leagues shall be Bengali Nationalism, Democracy, Secularism or in other words ensuring freedom of all religions as well as non-communal politics and Socialism, that is to say-the establishment of an exploitation-free society and social Justice.

Ha Ha Ha. Well, they promote Bengali Nationalism, there is no doubt about that. Through this Bengali nationalism they are dividing the country with Bangladeshi nationalism and they are including Bengalis who are citizens of other countries which is not correct. If you look at other words in the principles, the words like, ‘ Democracy’, ‘ Secularism’, ‘Exploitation-free society’, ‘social justice’- looks like alien words in this country. This government stated so many good words to florish their constitution which they don’t follow in practice. I don’t think anyone needs any explanation on how this government does not follow those words.

There have stated their commitments in their constitution. While reading through their commitments, I found that not a single commitment is kept by this government. Therefore I don’t want to discuss on that. If you want, you can simply read it and you will be able to realise very easily how this government is fooling us on everything.

For false statement, promise and misguiding citizens of Bangladesh and international community, this government must be prosecuted. This government is talking about taking leagal actions against Jamat-e-Islami, one of the islamic political organisation, for their role during war in 1971. I will rather suggest to take legal action by banning Awami League in Bangladesh for their role in last 10 years. This will keep all general public of Bangladesh in peace.