AL Government is not bearer of secularism – rather destroyer


In recent days, activities of radicalized Islamists have increased again in Bangladesh. Few people are talking about their connections with Al Qaeda and ISIS. Government is totally quite on this issue. Another pir was found headless in the country after slaughtered by extremists. International communities, including different human rights organisations, are very much concern about this. But government is denying all along about these connected to the international terrorist organisations. Somebody to tell this government run by radicalized Islamic rules that think about the safety of people, instead of establishing shariah law in the country. The mysterious way this government is acting, looks like they are encouraging these murders actually.

You are not safe in Bangladesh, if you are expressing your free thinking which goes against fundamental thoughts of both government and religions. LGBT campaign is not common in Bangladesh, but the campaign started by Mr. Xulhas encouraged everyone to think about the acceptance of the gay community in the society. You have to think that they are also people like us, their likings may be different from you; but they have the right to live safely with their partners. This may sound like difficult words to some in Bangladesh, but somewhere you need to start. If people like Xulhas are killed, then who will raise their voice. Therefore everyone who works for human rights, free thinkers, bloggers, general public must show their stand for the campaign started for gay people in the country. Everyone has the right to choose and live safely with that.

I don’t think, police is doing anything about these killings at all. They are simply following what government is doing. They are not free at all. They are the servant of government and they actually listen only to the government. There are few human rights organisations which are part of government, sometimes raise their voices, but ultimately in a country like Bangladesh, all these are nothing but show off by the government. There is not opposition political party in Bangladesh, as a result nothing is opposing this government on this.

I have always encourages general pubic to take their stand against government; because at the present situation only general public is the last hope. The ruling of this government is taking this country 100 years back. This country is getting destroyed in all aspects of the society. People are getting arrested in the name of thinking freely, for protesting against wrong doings by the government. This is the most hypocrite government ever in the history of Bangladesh.

Prime minister’s son has become desperate for stop people’s voice. He is pushing law enforcement agencies to arrest journalists and editors of renowned daily newspapers. This government has lost control over everything of the country. This government has always said that they believe in secularism, but whenever a secular activist is murdered in the country, they always say that people must not criticize the religion. Why is that? What are you afraid of? Is it people or your God has put you on power to rule the country? Think about it.