Act now to avoid the darkness


Bangladeshi government is trying to defend by saying NO to all the threats identified by international countries. All, including the government knows that this just keeping everyone calm and regular statement by the government. Actually, there are so many things to be worried about. before few weeks, many countries warned their citizens regarding travelling to Bangladesh. Then Bangladeshi government denied any threat. Whatever may be the reason, but foreign nationals were murdered just after that warning. Again USA has issued an warning to travellers into Bangladesh which will remain in effect up to February 2016. Home minister Asaduzzaman denied any threat again. Seeing him, it looks like Bangladesh is like paradise at the moment. Other countries are providing with intelligence report, when Bangladeshi intelligence agencies are failing. But I don’t know why Sheikh Hasina government is not ready to accept those reports and act on that.

If nothing is happening in Bangladesh, then a military police is attacked in day time suddenly – why? Who is behind all this. These incidents never happened before in the country. Now fundamental groups are trying to take aggressive actions against Army. They are not going to spare anyone. Instead of taking actions against it, Government is trying to cover them by denying them. What is the connection between government and those radical fundamental groups. Are these groups are having any tie with the government?

BNP government had connection with Bangla Bhai during their ruling period. The incidents took place during that time is well known to everyone. Is the same thing going to happen this time? What the government has done after the warning email from so called Ansarullah Bangla Team to the media? 1 or 2 press conferences and then nothing. This government does not know actually what is coming to this country in future.

My dear fellow countrymen, please weak up. stand against this government; otherwise you will also be in problem. Come out of this day dream provided by the government. All the politicians will leave you in danger when there will be real danger in the country. There will be Taleban like ruling in the country. Why don’t you look at the countries which are suffering now. Do you really want to be ruled in the dark age like that? Act when there is time, otherwise you will be rot in the darkness.