Woman and Bangladesh


As a woman, you will never know how far you lag behind until you come out from your home, and see the world.  May be this is the reason that maximum women in our country do not know how meaningless their life is.  If you go for survey, you will 2 out of ten women can   live a  standard life which will include minimum  freedom to take decision, going outside as per as their choice, however at night it  tends to be very low in percentage.  The most surprising thing about those women who can live as per as their choice, is what they do to live basically staying away of their family or by lying.

If you go to the lower class strata of the society, you will find different picture. You can see 90 percent of women are contributing in their family, by working home or outside. But they do not have equal freedom as like as their partner in taking decision for their family or children even for themselves. Mostly their parents and husband take the maximum decision for their well being, however it is not clear how far they consider her contribution or sacrifice that she doing for her husband or parents family.

Let’s talk about the picture of the middle class strata. They are mostly educated in compare to the low strata, but they have the same tendency to control their female member of the family for the sake of so called values. Still, 90 percent of women can go outside alone at night, or can enjoy the equal right that her brother and husband can enjoy. Quite shockingly, the girls also do not raise their voice. It seems they are quite used to with this kind of behavior done to her.  On the other hand, you will see some educated women who have good education but do not want to work or live a dignified life by ensuring equal rights that her male partner can enjoy. She is educated, qualified but she is always considered as inferior to a male in the maximum cases. This is really embarrassing for any person who has self respect and dignity.

In the high class society, you see women are seen to nothing to do except staying at home, shopping , having party or almost doing nothing.  However, you see some exception in all the classes, but the number is very few.  How it will be if you see every woman is fighting for their equal right. I think the male counterpart of you who is busy in dominating your every move by saying that “girl should not do this,”,  “girl should do this” for the sake of religion- will be dumb and may be will not dare to dominate you ever if you are girls are aware about your right.

For all these, we woman need a change, that will come only with your true effort and strong will power to change the thing around you. Otherwise, you will be puppet in man’s hand. Wake up dear and change the world.  Those who are already enlighten themselves by getting true education and of course with their hard effort, help others woman around you to make themselves stronger than before.