Pledge for Parity


Pledge for Parity is the slogan of International Women’s Day -2016, what is scheduled to observe on 8th March.   In all over the world the day celebrated amid enthusiasm even in Bangladesh, also celebrated in a befitting manner.

Being a woman our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not leave the occasion to foil. She is an iconoclast of the woman development in the country. Her attitude, success must inspire every woman to walk on the path what she walks.  No doubt, she is a brave warrior. She has strong determination to do any difficult task completed. But, I am surprised on his comment that she made while addressing a function marking the International Women’s Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. She said, “Woman cannot be controlled by the name of religion, woman will across every limit through her strong will”. Yes, she is right in her point, but my question is “can she change the mind of the religious minded people, who always move with a chain to untie a woman toe?”  Can she ensure to make a mind free of superstition that wicked minded people use to control woman? I guess, she cannot, even none government cannot make it successful, until a girl wants. She will understand the parity when she sees her mother enjoying freedom like her father, and her sister like brother.

I think the change that we need to begin by changing our mentality.  The change is not for only man but also woman, because absence of one will not let remove the disparity from the society. Well, if you talk about which specific change that a woman need to make first, I must say, that is ‘change’ that can bring the parity between a woman and man. Change your mind in thinking that you are no more dependent on any male support- your father, brother, husband. If you can think that you are enough strong like them so there  is nothing that pull you back, your destination ultimately towards parity- a happy, successful and satisfied life.

Quite unfortunately, I have to say that we woman in Bangladesh still lack behind in that case. We want parity in some specific points. Even our progressive minded women who always stand in the stage or before the camera in any TV show or program are the same. They want to live freely, domination free so that they can move outside or live the way they want. Most probably, they do not want parity in all cases. For example, you can take their financial dependence to their father or husband. They want to live free maintaining equal parity, but they don’t want to pay a little heed on that. Even you see, they most often scream or plea for their rights instead of being dependent on their own income. Quite shockingly, they are most of the civilized society.

If you go to the lower class, you can see maximum working class people are the main incoming person in their family. They earn for their children, husband and bears maximum expenses for the family. But, quite shockingly, as being illiterate they cannot take part in decision making in important family matters.

I have a weird habit that I mostly go out outside especially in remote area and try to notice the life the people living. When I see their life I feel like salute those brave women who work day and night for their family and ultimately what contributes in our economy. True to say, they are the main source of country’s economy, who keeps the wheel active always?

Another thing, that I should not say as it may heart the fake feminist woman, please do not shout for  ladies seat in the public transports or do not spoil your time  in giving speech or lecture at conference or seminar. Do something for your true development otherwise let the hope of get parity. However, you can make money by doing this, but what will your future generation will get.  Think about them, I hope you will realize to bring some change in your life and others life.

I want to ask the entire progressive girl to secure their position from their own places, not taking advantages of their feminine structure.   For example, you can see many women sell themselves, or set a deal in their work places with their boss to get all best facilities from the company where she work. On the other hand, they are talking about feminism. Mostly they say they can enjoy everything that a male can. They are sticky in one point that is if a man can sleep with couple of girls, she can also sleep with couple of men. Quite shockingly, they doo not know they are using themselves for the greed of a man. She is nothing but stuff in a man’s hand, who just plays with her flesh.

If you have little brain, you must realize that this you girl, who can secure your position not in your family but in every places outside or anywhere. Before asking respect from others, at first respect yourself as a girl, then expect respect others. For money or some other facilities that you cannot afford by your hard labor, you should not use yourself as commodity! If you do this you disrespect yourself and if you let it go  on you will never get a better place in the society.

Just be proud of a girl instead of using your feminine structure.  Definitely you will be the one who establish your parity and you will be talk of the topic always.