Ovijit Roy murder and failure of Bangladesh


Ovijit Roy, a secular blogger was murdered in February last year at national book fair event. I don’t think, I have to give much more information about this murder as nationally and internationally it is discussed many times. Today I am going to highlight rather on the failure of Bangladesh to take any action to punish the murderers.

Its been only about 18 months since the murder of Ovijit Roy, but it feels like its been decades. Because, no social and political strong protests were not made to put pressure on government to solve this case. Few bloggers have kept on protesting, but it could not take nationwide form. As a result, government and its law enforcement agencies are very much relaxed to solve this case and bring the murderers into prosecution. As a result so many incidents took place after this murder in Bangladesh to establish the presence of local and international radical Islamists.

It is well established in Bangladesh that none has got the right to even die a normal death, because of lack in law and order system. Now none has got the right to die normally because of the strong presence of the radicalized terrorists and failure of police. Government has shown no interests, except blaming the opposition political parties, to step up investigations of all the religious murders. Last month’s Gulshan attack has shown us the level up of the terrorist attack which will take place in Bangladesh.

Now who is going to ensure the safety of people? Is not that a basic right of people of Bangladesh and government is there to ensure it? Does Awami government look like a fit for that? Each and every week people are murdered for secular and religious views in Bangladesh. Other religious followers, secular minded people, non-believers etc are dying like their lives do not have any value in Bangladesh. The procession of dead bodies which started from Humayun Azad and Ovijit Roy, is not stopping.

There was a history of young generation’s politics in Bangladeshi history. unfortunately, that is now fallen apart. Young generation is now involved in radicalized ideology, spending more time with drugs, busy with their own interests. Students of Jogonnath university have marched for their hostel, but did they protested for the deaths which are taking place in Bangladesh. Did they raised their voice against Gulshan attack? No. Because they and their leaders are not at all interested about these. But they are ignored about the upcoming future of the country.

Government and law enforcement agencies have totally failed to ensure the basic human rights in Bangladesh. They are also involved with their own interests. They are playing the blame game and do they think everyone is blind? No, some are blind due to their involvement of interests, some ignores the problems and some are afraid to say anything about it. Because, if you raise your voice, you are going to be arrested or you will be next target by the government.

But government can’t continue like this, if most of the people of the country raise against the failures of the government and protest against it until necessary steps are taken to establish safety of the people of Bangladesh.