NO Freedom of Rights for tribal people in Bangladesh


People living in different parts of Bangladesh having tribal origin, do not enjoy minimum freedom of rights in Bangladesh. Not only that, they are intentionally oppressed politically, financially and socially. Everyone should have minimum rights of freedom to enjoy their lives and have access to basic facility. Instead of that, they are harassed in all aspects of life. It is not an issue of recent past, it has been like this since the independence of Bangladesh. Sometimes it justifies why people left this country during independence war. I believe they were correct doing so, otherwise they would have suffered the same for their future generations.

Recently Saotals ( a tribal group in Bangladesh) have become victim of this. Local politicians along with rich businessmen and local government employees stopped Saotals from their rights. The way it is going, it is not going to stop in future. Future generations of Saotals are also going to face these.

If you can remember when Sheikh Hasina government stopped militants in Chittagong area from attacking with so called historic agreement; tribal people there were promised lots of things. Sontu Larma, leader of that group were made minister of the government and was given the responsibility to look after the whole transition due to that agreement. However, though Santu Larma is still crying for the implementation of the agreed terms, but nothing happening to proceed further on that agreement.

It means, people of tribal groups are always betrayed by government. Matter of great shame is that they are also Bangladeshi; but being part of the country people from other part of the Bangladesh are not raising their voice or doing anything to protest that.

Government know quite well that they cannot make any harm to their ruling power and they don’t see them as risk. As a result, they are oppressed time and again. It looks like they have different kinds of rules within Bangladesh. Somebody needs to do something about this. Otherwise terrorist groups will take this opportunity to manipulate these groups against the sovereignty the country.

This must be considered only as political or social issue; people must look into it as humanitarian issue. I have seen people are raising voice against Mayanmar for their attitude towards ‘Rohinga’ issue. But I have not seen any NGO or international organisations to say anything about the tribal groups of Bangladesh. Therefore there is no opposition on the corruption made by politicians in Bangladesh. These tribal groups cannot enjoy minimum freedom of rights. It is the time, when everyone should make effort to stand beside them and raise their voice.