Freedom of speech in Bangladesh: Star editor scenario


I do not know actually what the hell is going on after Mahfuz Anam’s confession to a lapse in editorial judgement in publishing reports based on information supplied by the country’s task force intelligence of Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) during the caretaker government regime on February 3, 2016.

In the TV show he said, it was his big mistake in his entire editor life to rely on the information of (DGFI) during 1/11 to post news against current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina what was almost a decade ago in 2007. But the hell just began after his confession.  Now there are almost 60 cases filed against Mahfuz Anam accusing defamation, which claim Tk 71,831.5 crore. I just turned stupid by seeing this nonsense though. How others claimed defamation until they were not defamed. The defamation money may claim by Sheikh Hasina or her son Sheikh Wazed Joy, but not those stupid people. I am surprised how the courts take those cases. I must say here that, the Bangladeshi is best in stupidity.

Here are some points against the cases and also on those who filed cases against the Star editor.  I just want to ask you a question? Why you are claiming for defamation- for your defamation or your party leader’s defamation? I am sure you will not have any points if you walk straight on the law and logic path.  

The second question I must ask, are you doing it for party interest as Mahfuz Anam’s Star right against current ruling political party?  Are you mumbling?  I guess you can’t stop mumbling as I attack you with the right point.  

In my past few months stay with the media people, I have learned the fact that the Prothom Alo and Daily Star as they criticize current government’s activities.  The government has slow down their advertisement because of their criticism against AL and its leader.  However, our honorable Prime Minister always speaks about freedom of speech  in the meeting, seminar that she and her government is doing the best to ensure the right of freedom of speed in all possible ways.  But I am afraid I am not seeing any proof of her words.

 Lesson learnt from my own experiences is that just be quite and do not walk on the path of criticism no matter how worst it will be. If you  do  or dare to speak the truth get ready to do take up consequences that you are waiting for.  However, this is Mafuz Anam, the great legendary journalist, which is why he is alive yet. If it is you or me like ordinary people ,  leave the hope of seeing next morning. Because your journey ends here!