Freedom of Speech in Bangladesh snatches


What to say about freedom of speech? I really do not know! Or If I know I cannot say even because of fear of my life. The country where I live, is become a death hole. If you say something about religion or science, the ultimate result is death in a merciless way (being chopped). On the other hand, the current government is in its peak to establish autocracy. The situation here turns like that; you cannot say anything about government and its flatterer. You do not know even what they will make you to do. Just your family member will know once you get kidnapped! If you give glimpse on the current situation of the country, you cannot find a single date that misses the incident of Kidnap and dead body recover. However, the media do not cover all the news or maybe it’s their limitation as the media often threaten by government indirectly or sometimes in bold manner. For example, you can see the latest witch hunting of Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam, who dared to write against Sheikh Hasina in the period 1/11. In that time, Mahfuz Anam’s star wrote against Sheikh Hasina according to the information of DGFI. Last week in a program, she asked Mahfuz Anam to resign from his post for bad editorial post on 1/11. She says, it is kind of shame for Mahfuz Anam to remain at his post of editor in Daily Star after such grave mistake. She directly accused him and used her bad tongue as usual in the program. As a citizen of Bangladesh I feel sorry how a Prime Minister can speak like that, no humbleness, no respect, even sometimes her tongue stoop too low like the lower strata people of rural level. I am really sorry for remarking that way, but it is true what I feel do like. As the daughter of Nation’s father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , my expectation is quite high to her. But I do not know how she can speak like that. Well, if it is about politics, you have the right to comment, criticize but of course in a diplomatic way. Anyways, what I was discussed in the article is “Freedom of Speech” in Bangladesh. The mirrored situation is , we live in a country where you cannot say anything except flattering some special kind of people including government. If you say something against the religious group or discuss something against government, let leave the hope of seeing next day sunrise. So , if you love your life, just be quiet and stop watching or thinking freely. It will be the wisest way to go for you!