Celebrating Bengali New year in Curfew in 2016


Celebrating Bengali New year is the most celebrated event in Bangladesh. This has become the secular symbol of Bangladesh, though for last few years attacks in different forms during this event has created fear in people’s mind. Last year, lots of women were sexually harassed in Dhaka University area by young visitors there. Therefore government has ordered to finish all the events within 5 PM. Government is saying that to avoid any repeat of last year’s incident, they are taking this action.

First of all, did government take any effective action to identify those culprits? No. Are they prosecuted for justice? No. Now, instead of taking steps to ensure safety of the people, government asking to remain at home in Bengali New year. This shows the level of competency of our government and our police force. They are so much unfit that they don’t want people to celebrate new year event in public.

This order from the government is not for Dhaka only, this will be effective all over the country. So, on Bengali new year day everyone need to remain inside their house after 5 PM. I can tell you, police may not be able to ensure the safety of the people, but they will make their best effort to ensure the order of the government. Because they know, if general public die, police can avoid responsibility for that death. But if they cannot follow the government’s order, they will be held responsible for that. Actually police force in Bangladesh has always been like a dog to follow it’s master (government). They don’t care for the general public.

Government has tried locking people away inside home for many times during their rule this and previous time. So, this is not something new. But surprisingly, they have not locked people inside their home during a national celebration like this before. However, this practice will continue from now.

Radicalized fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh already attacked the secular ideology in Bangladesh for last many years. They are growing stronger day by day. But Bangladeshi government have failed to safe guard the secular ideology and it’s followers. If this sorts of situation continues in Bangladesh, then I fear one day people will be asked to stop celebrating and remain indoors if they they want to keep them safe from fundamentalist maniacs.

How long this can continue? This is not a matter for this government, all the governments in Bangladesh have bowed in front of fundamentalists. Because, this political parties are backed by religious groups and members of these political parties are Muslims. So, these political parties don’t even think to bring this country out of fundamentalism of Islam. But we cannot let this continue. What will happen to our next generation? We must protest, raise our voice wherever we are. Don’t let these extremists to take over the country.