Slaughtering tradition in Religions encourage terrorism


Slaughtering in different forms and formats – is part of different religions in the world. Religions and followers believe this awful tradition as a way to show their respect to their God. Funny that their so called God is fond of blood, violence and murder. Different religions has got different traditions in different forms. But the end result is same – blood, violence and deaths of innocents. This is one of the reasons why religious people are encouraged to terrorism by their religious faiths. They accepts this forms of fundamental teaching of their religion, because they believe by rejecting this, they will loose their religious faith. From killing the animals, they learn how to kill human beings. There are some religions which orders killings of human beings alive to please their super power God (shame).

Extreme outcome of these traditions is – radicals things they are even happy to kill themselves to please their Gods. I believe, I don’t have to give any examples on this. Because all of already seen these sorts of terrorism around the world. A human being must be insane to think like that. But the root cause of thoughts like these are hidden in their religious beliefs and traditions. In one of the oldest religions, there was practice to burn the wife with dead husband. Can you imagine about this tradition. An woman is burning alive, just simply her husband has died. What sort of madness can encourage this kind of tradition. Some may argue that this does not happen anymore. To them, how do you know this tradition is fully stopped? Secondly, law has banned it to practice; but could you abolish the teaching or order given by their religions. Did anyone took any steps to remove it from their religion. No. Therefore, their desire is still there whether they practice or not. If you look at those religious follower, specially radicals and fundamentalists groups; you will see that they are killing human beings and what not. They have not stopped sacrificing human beings, may be in other forms; just because their religious views for traditions like those have not changed.

There are lots of religions who encourage killings of innocent animals to please their gods. Now, my question is, who has given them the right to kill animals just for their joy? There is one religion, alone destroys billions of animals in a year just for their joy. If someone kills your pet for their joy, how will you feel. These animals are not objects, they are also living being. They are also part of nature. By killing of these billions of animals for pleasure, they are breaking the natural process. It is going to destroy this planet.

But also, this practice and tradition teaches them to gain please by killings. This tradition encourage them to more killing. It promote terrorism. We have learnt about killing innocent human beings around the world. If you look at killings of journalists, aid workers in the war torn countries, you will find the same pleasure in the eyes of terrorists. Because their religions teaches these to them. They don’t differentiate between animals and human beings while killing. Otherwise how a small child can kill innocent people with weapon? How did he learn that? What is the motivation behind it?

They are brainwashed by their religious leaders, saying this is part of the religious goal. This killing will please their god. But we don’t realize we have to spread the knowledge how these traditions are killing the nature just for pleasure. Global community must unite and raise their voice to stop these damaging practice. We must take steps to remove these traditions from their religion. We must let them know that there is nothing called God, and we don’t need to please anyone by killing innocent lives.